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Even so, they staggered, threw themselves upon each other and combated with their bare fists.

The fight went on in such a fashion. Reaching their limits, the one insisted till the last second would be the winner.

"What supports you until now?" Touched, Qi Yue whispered under the platform.

"Gosh! If you win this time, I\'ll treat you a drink." Xiong\'er bounced up and down under the battle platform, and never ceased screaming.

"Impossible!" Other disciples like Qi Hao gnashed their teeth. Dying Ye Chen battled with a lineal disciple for a long time, implying that other disciples could not beat him up.

"Good job!" Other disciples ranking the top ten were astounded and reckoned that Ye Chen was stronger than they were.



Jiang Hao and Ye Chen fell down on the platform one after another.

"I don\'t believe that!" Jiang Hao thundered, and stumbled up.

"Come!" Ye Chen growled and struggled to rise up.

Extremely feeble, both of them staggered, as if nearly blown down by a gust of wind, startling all the onlookers.

Each of them moved one step forward and pounded.



Jiang Hao hit on Ye Chen\'s left face and Ye Chen on Jiang Hao\'s right face.


Blood spurted and they collapsed down.

Everybody stared at the platform, holding their breaths, in terrible silence, where the drop of a needle could be heard.

Around eight seconds later, neither of the two crawled up.

"The fight ends in a draw?"

"I suppose so. They are too weak to stand up."

"The one pulls himself up is the winner!"

In discussion and gazes, a bleeding figure swung and rose to his feet.

The slim person straightened his trembling legs and bent waist in the wind, fluttering black hair covering half of his nastily mutilated face.

It was Ye Chen.

Nobody said a word because they did not know what to say, but fixed eyes on the bloody silhouette almost falling down.

Many of the disciples lowered their heads in shame. Most of them were superior to Ye Chen in both cultivation base and family background, but none of them as strong-willed as him.

Jiang Hao passed out, unwilling to surrender.

"Ye Chen wins."

As a faint voice spread from the vacant universe, applaud like sea waves sounded.

However, Ye Chen fell down with a stiff body.

"Hey." Xiong\'er scuttled to the platform, held him in arms and ran off the platform with him on back to the place to cure wounded disciples.

Everyone made a way for them voluntarily.

Ye Chen, an intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage created many miracles, was destined to be remembered by everybody. At his peak, he defeated the two lineal disciples from the Renyang Peak and the Regulation Hall successively, writing a legend.