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Jiang Hao\'s sword flew away from his hand, caused by Ye Chen\'s abrupt strength.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ye Chen bellowed and threw out his palm.


Yelling, Jiang Hao defended with his mystique, but was pushed backwards with a dull hum.

Ye Chen clenched his fists tightly, blood speeding up, vital energy rolling out, and hair fluttering.

The refuel core played its effect finally over his long dodge. He could defeat Jiang Hao, though his vigor did not return entirely.

"He…he survives…" Astonishment arose around.

"Is Ye Chen a demon?"

"Jiang Hao is the first lineal disciple of the Renyang Peak and a cultivator at the true Yang stage."

"Good boy, you stun me today." Chu Xuan could not conceal her surprise, "Even if you fail and cannot enter the inner school, you\'re qualified to be my disciple."


On the platform, Ye Chen\'s roar rocked the sky.


Jiang Hao pounced with a red face of anger and embarrassment, just like a mad dog. It was his humiliation that he did not beat up Ye Chen and was taken advantage by him.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Renyang Fist!

Within seconds, their fists clattered, and they vomited blood while pacing back.

Ye Chen steadied himself, like a beast threw himself upon Jiang Hao, and gave a fierce punch without any defense. Jiang Hao pounded him and he thumped back.

The fatal fighting strategy amazed the onlookers.

Were they crazy?

Albeit his recovery, Ye Chen was seriously wounded and would collapse down if he continued this battle.

But his unconquerable fighting intent drowned his hurts and aches.

He kept his attack, like a tireless lion whose wildness was triggered.



Blood splashed the battle platform. Jiang Hao applied his mystiques crazily.

The bloody combat was fiercer than the one between Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping. Most sect elders on the cloud cluster clicked their tongues.

"Junior martial sister, the disciple you select is so wild!" Immortal Daoxuan looked at Chu Xuan next to him.

"He is not wild. He possesses the faith of victory and peerless volition." She took a deep breath, and was moved by the bloody spectacle of the battle platform, though an experienced sect elder as she was.



Snarls never ended on the platform, where two lunatics fought with their mystiques.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Renyang Link!

Yiyang Finger!

Surprising Cloud Skill!

The battle lasted long than everyone\'s expectation.

In their three hundredth move, both of them flew far in a mystique, and landed on the platform, blood dyeing the platform.

Ragged and unkempt, Jiang Hao was black and blue.

Ye Chen looked scary like a demon crawling out from hell, seriously injured and bloody.

They lurched without the ability to apply any mystique due to their exhaustion and lack of vital energy.