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Chapter 194: Battle Again (2)

Translator: Huiting Teng Editor: Lucy

Ye Chen was not trapped and chose to dodge with the Fast Virtual Shadow at the fastest rate ever since, numerous shadows following him.




The flying sword shadows left bleeding wounds on him one after another.

His white robe reddened by his blood.

Wind Restriction!

Jiang Hao applied a mystique again.


Iron chains clattered. Wind growled and formed several chains entwining Ye Chen.


Ye Chen bellowed and backed. The vital energy rolling inside his body shattered the chains.

“Sunset Finger.” Jiang Hao careered towards him and prodded a bleeding hole on his chest.

“You’ll die when I recover.” Serious wounded, Ye Chen paced back to duck.

“Can you escape?” Jiang Hao grinned gruffly and plunged his palm.

“Damn it.” Ye Chen swore silently and placed Tianque Sword in front of himself to deflect Jiang Hao’s attack.


The sword buzzed as Jiang Hao struck it. Pushed back by the shock, Ye Chen backed and vomited blood while hit by Jiang Hao’s sword energy.

“Screw you.”

Xiong’er rushed out and cursed loudly with hands on his waist like a virago. He could not go to the platform to help Ye Chen and only swore to disturb Jiang Hao.

“As the first lineal disciple of the Renyang Peak, you don’t have the courage to fight with Ye Chen fairly?”

“Why an arrogant guy looks like a coward now?”

“Don’t you feel shame for hurting a dying disciple at the Qi condensation stage?”

Xiong’er’s abuse never ceased.

Jiang Hao ignored the curses. His only goal was to take the golden chance to defeat Ye Chen, no matter now despicable his method was.




Ye Chen’s continuous coughing up blood startled everyone.

All the onlookers were amazed at Ye Chen’s fighting capability. He survived dozens of moves of Jiang Hao, though feeble.

Jiang Hao looked vicious with a burning face.

As the first lineal disciple of the Renyang Peak and one of the top ten disciples of the outer school, he did not beat up a dying disciple at the Qi condensation stage over a long-time fight. It was his disgrace even if he triumphed over Ye Chen.

A chill flash flickered in his eye and his killing intent was triggered.

He bit through his finger, applied blood on the tip of his sword with the bleeding finger and infused torrential vital energy into it.


The sword vibrated with splendid spiritual light and a crash of terrible thunder.

“Rainbow Accompanies Sun!” Jiang Hao yelled, like a ghost lunged towards Ye Chen and aimed his sharp sword tip at his chest.

Ye Chen’s eyes gleamed.

He sensed the horrible sword must end his life.

Instantly, he leaned to one side, but was jabbed.


Blood splashing, he avoided the stab on his chest. But the sword poked his shoulder, and its hovering thunder rushed into his body and tore his meridians.


A mouthful of blood pumped out, he staggered backwards.

“You don’t die?” Furious, Jiang Hao lunged towards Ye Chen and thrust his sword.


Blood spurted. However, this time Ye Chen gripped the sword.

He raised his head high, sharp and icy light flashing in his blood-shot eyes, “You’re content? It’s my turn now!”