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Chapter 193: Battle Again (1)

Translator: Huiting Teng Editor: Lucy

“Shit!” Xiong’er’s curse spread everywhere.

Everybody flicked sympathizing look at Ye Chen.

After the fierce fight with Yin Zhiping, Ye Chen was feeble, albeit his triumph.

Jiang Hao did not consume too much energy and won easily in his first fight. Besides, his capability equaled Yin Zhiping’s. That being said, Ye Chen would have a tough battle.

Jiang Hao jumped on the platform and cast a mocking look at Ye Chen.

“Go the hell to the repechage!” Other disciples from the Renyang Peak smiled hideously and swore at Ye Chen.

“You dare to be arrogant?” Disciples from the Diyang Peak jeered.

“Go to the platform if you dare!” The disciples nursing hatred towards Ye Chen cursed incessantly.

“Ye Chen is too weak to fight again.” The discussion rose and fell under the platform.

“How unlucky he is! He meets two lineal disciples successively.”

On the cloud cluster, Chu Xuan rubbed her eyebrows, and never expected that Ye Chen would fight with another lineal disciple without a break.

“Boy, give up. Go to the repechage!” Unwillingly, Chu Xuan messaged Ye Chen.

However, he stood up and leapt on the platform.

“What’s wrong? He continues to fight?”

“Are you blind? He has already gone there”


Ye Chen thrust one refuel core into his mouth.

“You think I’ll give you time to recover?” Jiang Hao smiled coldly and linked his hands.

Immortal Daoxuan shook head for his disappointment of Jiang Hao, “As the first lineal disciple of the Renyang Peak, you take advantage of other’s perilous state and don’t dare to combat with a disciple at the Qi condensation stage fairly. You’re incapable of being a strong cultivator and lack the faith of victory. ”


Ye Chen was hit backwards.

Still weak after the bloody fight, he was not vigorous Jiang Hao’s equal. “I can defeat him after my feebleness fades.” Holding the belief in mind, Ye Chen dodged with Fast Virtual Shadow and avoided Jiang Hao’s confrontation.

If Ye Chen’s opponent had been Qi Yue or Huo Teng, he must have given up. However, the rivalry was Jiang Hao.

Ye Chen would not give up even at the cost of his life. He still had the chance for the repechage if he was beaten up. He kept telling himself that he could be defeated by anyone but not the disciples from the Diyang Peak, the Renyang Peak or the Regulation Hall.


He coughed up blood after pounded by Jiang Hao.

“Ye Chen, how long will you dodge?” Sneering, Jiang Hao charged towards Ye Chen without giving him the time to recuperate.

Ye Chen ducked with the mystique silently.

Jiang Hao became fiercer and linked his hands to apply a mystique similar to Yin Zhiping’s Sword Defense.




All the dotted whistling sword shadows gathered in the sky and shot towards Ye Chen, as Jiang Hao waved his hand.

Ye Chen did not use Tiangang Sword Formation to ward off. If so, he would be restricted by Jiang Hao and face continuous mystiques.

He realized that Jiang Hao forced him to fight.