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On the platform, Yin Zhiping was beaten afar and coughed up blood with cracked bones and meridians.

"End you life while you\'re weak." Ye Chen charged towards Yin Zhiping.

He grabbed one of Yin Zhiping\'s legs in everyone\'s gaze the second before Yin Zhiping landed.

Many disciples covered their eyes, as if knowing what would happen next.


Ye Chen swung Yin Zhiping for one circle and cast him on the tough platform, leaving a human-shape pit there.


Yin Zhiping vomited blood wildly including some tissues of liver, with displaced organs.

"You pay a price for plotting against me." Yelling, Ye Chen brandished him again and threw him on the platform.

"You should die for hurting my family."

"You deserve to die for distorting facts."

"You go to death for persecuting others."

As Ye Chen spoke each sentence, he plunged Yin Zhiping on the platform.




The vociferousness sounded through the entire Qian Kun Pavilion. The onlookers\' hearts thumped with each sound. If other disciples had fought with Ye Chen today, they must have lost their lives.

What a hatred it was!

Everyone was amazed at the bloody spectacle.

Even Chu Xuan fell into a trance. Unexpectedly, handsome and slim Ye Chen was so ferocious.

"Brat, stop!" Zhao Zhijing\'s bellow woke up everybody. Yin Zhiping would die if the fight continued.

"Enough." Immortal Daoxuan shouted in surprise. It was his malpractice if Yin Zhiping lost his life.


Ye Chen stopped finally with ease and verve.

Yin Zhiping lay in the pit without passing out, and stared at Ye Chen in astonishment, blood splashing from his mouth. He wanted to move, but all of his bones and meridians broke.

He had to rest in bed for a few months to recover, without the chance to take part in the repechage, let alone the inner school.

"That\'s the price you need to pay for harming my family." Ye Chen answered gruffly. He must have killed Yin Zhiping, if Immortal Daoxuan had not had prevented him today.

Yin Zhiping was taken away from the platform, followed by Zhao Zhijing, who was unwilling to watch the competition anymore for his disciple\'s defeat.

"Ye Chen wins."

As Immortal Daoxuan\'s loud voice sounded, Ye Chen staggered out of the platform in front of all the onlookers.

Everybody was still immersed in the thrilling fight. Ye Chen\'s progress could not be stopped and he would be a miracle whether he could enter the inner school or not.

"Boy, you\'re too harsh!" Chu Xuan sighed on the cloud cluster.

Ye Chen looked up at the sky and coughed hollowly, "I don\'t deny that I\'m a little furious today."

Chu Xuan rubbed her eyebrows speechlessly.

She realized that Ye Chen would be her headache if taking him as her disciple and the inner school would be chaotic in the future.

When the fight between Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping finished, the first round of competition came to its end.

Half of the participants had the chance to participate the repechage and the winners would continue the following tournament.

"The second round begins."

When Immortal Daoxuan spoke, the shiny giant compass rolled and cast two spiritual flashes.

The shone two places one after another.

"Damn it!"

A loud curse arose under the platform.

The one swore was Xiong\'er.

One of the chosen disciples was Jiang Hao, the lineal disciple ranking first in the Renyang Peak.

The other was Ye Chen.