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Giant Tianque Sword was thrown away and aimed its tip at Yin Zhiping. Ye Chen followed the sword closely with his Fast Virtual Shadow.

Gnashing teeth, Yin Zhiping was aware that he would not have another chance to attack Ye Chen. The sword would hit him if applying the Thunderous Sabre Skill now.

Yin Zhiping decided to give up the skill after deliberation and backed abruptly.


Ye Chen applied the skills of the Beast Wrestle and darted towards Yin Zhiping.

"You ask for death." Yin Zhiping snorted and swung his sabre.

"Who will die? It\'s not decided yet." Ye Chen sneered and dodged the sabre.

"My turn." Bellowing, he punched Yin Zhiping backwards.




The snarls sounded each time Ye Chen moved.

He fought like a beast with all his joints as weapons.

"This fighting strategy again." As astonishment rose, the onlookers knew how strong and weird his close fighting capability was.

"How awesome the close fighting is!" Immortal Daoxuan also revealed his surprise.

"The boy reaches only the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage, but possesses such a powerful battle prowess! He is not simple. " Traceless Wind was astounded.

"Boy, you surprise me." Chu Xuan watched with blazing eyes.


Yin Zhiping\'s yell continued on the platform.

Disheveled, he did not have the chance to counterattack.

Yin Zhiping, a self-conceited guy, never regarded Ye Chen as his equal, and only thought that other disciples exaggerated Ye Chen\'s capability, though hearing of Ye Chen\'s unconquerable close fighting skills.

Until now, he realized the comments about Ye Chen were true.




Blood pumped from Yin Zhiping\'s mouth. Albeit a cultivator at the true Yang stage, he could not endure Ye Chen\'s continuous harsh attacks any longer, palm and foot prints covering all over his body.

On a cloud cluster, Zhao Zhijing, the master of Yin Zhiping, was anxious, because his favorite chief disciple was seriously wounded.

"Keep distance with him" Zhao Zhijing messaged Yin Zhiping, whose defeat by a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage would be disgraceful.


Immortal Daoxuan captured Zhao Zhijing\'s message and glimpsed at him, growling, "Only once!"

Yin Zhiping paced back rapidly after suffering several pounds and drew distance with Ye Chen.

"Can you escape?" Without chase, Ye Chen infused all of his spiritual energy on his right hand with crashes of thunders. Low dragon groans could be heard before his attack.

"Dragon Kang." As his roar arose, he threw out his palm.


A virtual golden dragon shadow with torrential virtual energy rushed to Yin Zhiping.

"What…" He fixed his eyes at the shadow with disbelief, unable to deal with the rolling energy like a real ferocious dragon.

"What…mystique is it?" Amazement filled the battle ground.

"So marvelous!"

"He fought with me without all of his spiritual energy that day?" Stunned, Qi Yue never expected that Ye Chen could apply such a powerful skill.

Other disciples ranking the top ten were startled, because they might not handle such a harsh attack. In particular Jiang Hao and Zi Shan, the two\'s faces twisted. Even the sect elders on the cloud clusters were astounded.

"What a pity that I didn\'t take him as my disciple!" Zhong Laodao from the Tianyang Peak covered his chest again. Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang looked sulky.

"Junior martial sister, you\'re quick-sighted!" Immortal Daoxuan praised, "The disciples in the outer school can rarely defend the powerful mystique."

"Honestly, I\'m surprised." Chu Xuan chuckled for Ye Chen\'s ability went far beyond her expectation.