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Ye Chen charged forward. His spiritual energy speeded up its circulation and infused into his fists.


Screaming, he punched hard on the shield.


As the Xuan Light Shield crushed, Yin Zhiping paced back with a dull hum.

"He breaks my shield!" Yin Zhiping\'s face darkened.

"Sever Mountain Finger!" With a tap of his feet, he launched forward, and aimed his finger at Ye Chen.


A bleeding hole was stabbed on Ye Chen\'s shoulder.

"One finger for you!" Ye Chen raised his hand, filled spiritual energy into finger and poked one bleeding hole on Yin Zhiping.



Another round started.




The vociferousness never ended on the platform. And the eyes of the onlookers chased Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping.

"Ye Chen reaches only the ninth level of the Qi condensation stage, but his fighting capability is…" Immortal Daoxuan sighed above the cloud cluster.

"Senior martial brothers, you think who will win?" Chu Xuan looked at Immortal Daoxuan and Traceless Wind.

"It\'s hard to say!" Immortal Daoxuan stroked his beard, whispering, "I think Yin Zhiping\'s likely to win. He reaches the true Yang stage after all."

"I think Ye Chen will win." Traceless Wind spoke though silent as he was.


Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping combated with mystiques.

Xuan Light Link!

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Green Mountain Skill!

Mountain Wrestle Fist!

The wonderful battle was hard to tell who the winner would be after over 100 rounds of fights.

"Come on." Ye Chen steadied himself, and began his new round of battle with boiling blood and volition, like a strong tiger. He was not exhausted but more courageous albeit his energy consumption over long time.



Splendid moves were used along his way.

"What a freak he is!" Yin Zhiping kept pacing back and coughed up blood with a sullen face and rolling blood. He never expected that Ye Chen was difficult to deal with.

Yin Zhiping dodged abruptly, and fished out a sabre. It glimmered after his spiritual energy infusion, thunder and lightning covering it.

"It is…" Astounded, many lineal disciples seemed to know Yin Zhiping\'s next mystique.

"Thunderous Sabre Skill." As Yin Zhiping snarled, a sabre of three zhangs ripped down.

Ye Chen rose up and gripped Tianque Sword in front of him to ward off the attack.


The terrible blade hit on Tianque Sword.


The green stone plate splintered, as Ye Chen\'s legs hooked. His arms throbbed painfully; blood rolled inside his body and pumped out from his mouth.

"What a powerful mystique." Everybody was stunned. They could never prevent Yin Zhiping\'s attack.

"It\'s not that easy to be the chief disciple of the Regulation Hall!"

"Ye Chen, what a surprise it is that you deflected the sabre!" Startled, Qi Yue seemed to realize how mighty Yin Zhiping\'s mystique was earlier.

"You survive?" Yin Zhiping turned to be ferocious when seeing Ye Chen standing still.

He went wild because Ye Chen was not defeated till now, even though his trump card was used.

"Come." Yin Zhiping replied cruelly, and swung his sabre to apply the mystique again.

"I\'ve suffered the loss once. Do you think you have another chance to attack me?" Ye Chen\'s gruff voice spread.