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"Ye Chen?"

"Yin Zhiping?"

Their arrivals on the battle platform caused a stir among the onlookers.

Yin Zhiping, the chief disciple of the Regulation Hall and a cultivator at the true Yang stage, ranked top ten in the outer school.

Ye Chen also captured the focus of everyone.

This intern disciple had riled up two chief masters of the main peaks and disabled numerous disciples.

"You cannot succeed with intense killing intent." Su Xinyue talked in hatred.

The disciples once defeated by Ye Chen, such as Qi Hao and Tang Chao looked hideously, and the chief masters pissed off by Ye Chen, like Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang sulky.

"This fight is fantastic." Most of the onlooker stared at the platform with blazing eyes.

"Yin Zhiping plotted against Ye Chen many times. Their fight must be fierce."

"Yin Zhiping reaches the true Yang stage already. No matter how strong Ye Chen is, he cannot defeat Yin Zhiping."

"Others may not. But Ye Chen can."

The discussion under the platform enlivened the atmosphere before the fight. Even the sleeping youth next to Ye Chen also opened his eyes to have a glance.

Zhao Zhijing, the chief master of the Regulation Hall, stroked his moustache on the cloud cluster, holding confidence in the triumph of his disciple.

"Junior martial sister, he\'s Ye Chen?" Immortal Daoxuan looked down at Ye Chen and turned to Chu Xuan.

"Nobody can cause a stir except him." Chu Xuan beamed and flicked a look at Ye Chen, murmuring, "Boy, it\'s not that easy to be my disciple!"

On the platform, Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping stood opposite each other, and their fighting energy boosted. Yin Zhiping mocked, "Ye Chen, it\'s your sorrow to meet me."

"You may be the one that is sorrowful." Ye Chen sneered, and looked directly at Yin Zhiping, with a courageous look.

"Ye Chen, defeat him!"

As Xiong\'er roared, Ye Chen and Yin Zhiping moved.

Xuan Light Link!

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Mystiques were applied at the beginning.


Pushed by the hit, both of them backed, and cracked the green stone plates.

"I underestimate you." Yin Zhiping derided, and linked his hands.

All of a sudden, the vital energy bustled around him and pooled into thickly dotted sword shadows at a fast rate.

"Sword defense." As Yin Zhiping\'s yell sounded, the whistling sword shadows connected, and stormed towards Ye Chen.

"Tiangang Sword Formation!" Ye Chen fished out the Crimson Cloud Sword and brandished it. The sword shadows danced and gathered into a formation protecting him in the center.




Metal clattered, Yin Zhiping\'s mystique shocked Ye Chen\'s sword formation.

To the onlookers\' surprise, the two used splendid mystiques in their second moves.

"The sword formation is similar with Hu Wa\'s staff formation!" Immortal Daoxuan stroked his beard.

"Well done!" Chu Xuan smiled.


Ye Chen\'s sword formation broke, and Yin Zhiping\'s sword shadows dispersed.

"It\'s my turn!" Bellowing, Ye Chen wielded the Crimson Cloud Sword aiming at Yin Zhiping.



The Tiangang Sword Formation transformed from defense into attack with numerous sword shadows shooting.

Xuan Light Shield!

Spirit light gathered and formed into a thick shield to defend Yin Zhiping behind, as he linked his hands within seconds.




Continuous metal clatter arose. This time, Ye Chen attacked.

The Xuan Light Shield was so solid that Ye Chen\'s sword formation could not break it through.