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In the sixth fight, Qi Hao had a duel with a disciple from the Execution Hall. Harsh to the disciple, Qi Hao nearly stabbed him to death and caused the anger of Daojie, the disciple\'s chief master.

In the seventh round, Zhao Long from the Renyang Peak fought with Wei Ming from the Tianyang Peak.

"It\'s rarely to see the two." A whisper sounded, "They were both hit hard by Ye Chen on the Wind and Cloud Platform. What a surprise they are opponents today."

Wei Ming triumphed by a narrow margin.

The following battles proceeded rapidly, where several disciples ranking top ten of the outer school participated and won easily.

In the ninety-seventh fight, Li San from the Spirit Herb Garden showed up.

As the weirdest loser in the competition, he was smacked away upon his arrival on the platform.

Ye Chen doubted that too many intercourses consumed Li San.

Other acquaintances of Ye Chen were chosen to fight, such as Song Yu and Wang Heng robbed by him, Tang Chao maimed by him and Tang Ruxuan.

Constant climaxes and surprises came one after another. A disciple at the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage from the Books Pavilion defeated one at the human core stage from the Regulation Hall. A female disciple at the first level of the human core stage infatuated a male disciple reaching the sixth level of the human core stage from the Task Pavilion.

A secret fight also started among the sect elders on the cloud clusters.

Represented by their disciples, they were honorable when their disciples won and disgraced while lost, facial expression changing incessantly.

Immortal Daoxun from the Execution Hall of the inner school opened eyes over the battles, and stroked his beard with a nice smile.

"Fortunately, lineal disciples rarely meet each other in this competition."

"Senior martial brother recalls last competition?" Xu Fu grinned.

Immortal Daoxuan waved hands, "Don\'t mention last competition. The sect master talked with me about that. It has been the eeriest one since the establishment of our sect. Skip it."

"Repechage is set this time. No need to worry." Pang Dahai from the Treasures Pavilion twisted his neck.

"It\'s unlucky for a lineal disciple to meet another lineal disciple in the repechage."

"Fortune is part of capability." Chu Xuan beamed.

Ye Chen rested with closed eyes under the platform, and sometimes glimpsed at the sleeping youth beside him.

The spirit light of the giant compass did not shine on him until now.

"The compass forgets me?" He mumbled and looked up at it floating in the sky.


The compass vibrated and rolled when the fight on the platform ended.

Instantly, two flashes cast down, and the purple one came towards him.

Finally, it rested on his body.

"It\'s my turn." He stretched his stiff body, and blood boiled at once.

He sneered when turning to his opponent selected by the other flash.

"Today is the day!" Ye Chen smiled coldly and leapt on the platform.

His opponent, who was in white robe with dark hair fluttering and dense energy, also jumped on the platform, and arrested everyone\'s look upon his arrival.

It was Yin Zhiping, the chief disciple from the Regulation Hall!