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Screech sounded all over the Qian Kun Pavilion.

Qi Yun\'s head bled after Hu Wa\'s unexpected knock.

In an instant, Hu Wa moved forward suddenly and hit Qi Yun backwards.

"Come back to me." Hu Wa speeded up and seized one of Qi Yun\'s arms.

He swung Qi Yun in the air.


As a dull thud spread the whole pavilion, Qi Yun landed on the battle platform and cracked the tough green stone plates.

The scene stunned most of the onlookers.

What a familiar strategy! Maimed by Ye Chen in such a fashion, some of them revealed wickedness in eyes.

"Hu Wa must be instructed by Ye Chen. The two resemble while beating."

"I\'m afraid Qi Yun cannot stand up."

"Stand up? It\'s his luck if his life is kept."

With a burning face, Immortal Qingyang was sulky for Qi Yun\'s defeat by a disciple at the third level of the Qi condensation stage even with his help.

Qi Yun passed out with displaced organs.

Hu Wa, a bloody person, staggered on the platform as if nearly blown down by a gust of wind.

Now, it was easy to see who the winner was.

"Hu Wa wins."

When a faint voice came from a cloud cluster, Ye Chen and Qi Hao raced to the platform.

"Damn it." Qi Hao cast a hideous look at Hu Wa and Ye Chen.

"You don\'t dare to lose?" Ye Chen sneered and left the platform with Hu Wa in arms.

Pleased, he smiled while seeing Hu Wa, a stubborn and honest boy, who won not because of his cultivation base but of his faith to win.

"Big brother, I didn\'t disgrace you, did I?"

"No, you\'re awesome."

The viewers still immersed in watching the fight, and did not expect that the battle between two teenagers was wonderful.

Someone dispatched by the sect came to take away Hu Wa and cure him. In case of unnecessary injuries and deaths, the sect put specific people to take charge of healing the wounded disciples.


The giant compass rolled again in the air.

Soon, two traces of spirit light cast on Qi Yue and a disciple from the Diyang Peak respectively.

Fear unfolded on the disciple\'s face.

He was destined to lose.

"Sect elder, I give up." The disciple raised his palm and sat back dispiritedly, so that Qi Yue was the winner without spearing any effort.

No applaud came due to no suspense.

While everyone gazed at the compass, two flashes shone down, one on a disciple of the Books Pavilion, the other on a disciple from the Renyang Peak—Su Xinyue.

The atmosphere enlivened again.

The disciple from the Books Pavilion reached the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage, one level inferior to Su Xinyue.

In this fierce fight, Su Xinyue, the winner, earned claps because of her swiftness and mystiques, as well as the honor for the Renyang Peak.

In the fifth fight, Xiong\'er rushed to the platform with his mace, shouting, and defeated a disciple from the Tianyang Peak.