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"Shit." Deathly pale, Qi Yun attacked when catching a chance, but was always prevented by Hu Wa\'s weird staff formation.

"Hu Wa, I look down upon you." Ye Chen beamed under the platform.

Beyond his expectation, Hu Wa insisted for such a long time and did not lose yet. And now the battle situation went the other way around.


Hu Wa plunged his staff and beat Qi Yun backwards.


Roaring, Qi Yun ripped Hu Wa with his sword.


As the sword hit on Hu Wa\'s dancing staff, Qi Yun was pushed away by the tremendous force, with a numb arm.

"His staff is the only thing that he relies on." A faint voice came into Qi Yun\'s ears.

"Qingyang, only once!" Immortal Daoxuan warned Immortal Qingyang, albeit with eyes closed on his cloud cluster.

Immortal Qingyang hurried to withdraw the message.

With his master\'s help, Qi Yun found a flaw from Hu Wa\'s staff formation.

Qi Yun sneered and infused his spiritual energy into the sword, preparing to attack.


Hu Wa swung the staff.


Snorting, Qi Yun wielded the sword in his hand, which collided with the staff.


Hu Wa paced back with a dull hum, and his black iron staff also flew off his hand.

Ye Chen frowned, since the staff was the only weapon that Hu Wa was capable of.

"What can you do without the staff?" Qi Yun\'s yell sounded on the battle platform. He careered forward like a beast and brandished the long sword.




Within breaths, traces of bloody cuts appeared on Hu Wa\'s body, and he kept backing.

But his composure pleased all the smiling sect elders on the cloud clusters, and aroused the interests of the onlookers.

Unexpectedly, the fight between two teenagers lasted for a long time with constant climaxes.

"Qi Yun\'s breath is turbulent!"

"So is Hu Wa. He\'s seriously wounded."

"It\'s hard for him to win without the staff."

Hu Wa was cornered to the edge of the platform.

"You don\'t admit your defeat?" Qi Yun looked hideously. His sword buzzed and aimed at Hu Wa.


Blood pumping, the sword penetrated Hu Wa\'s shoulder.

Hu Wa vomited blood and gripped Qi Yun\'s sword with both hands.

Harsher, Qi Yun held the sword handled, drew up more strength and jabbed it in Hu Wa\'s body.

In an instant, the two remained still. Hu Wa held the sword tip and Qi Yun the sword handle. It was hard to judge which the winner was, because both of them refused to give in.

"Hu Wa, stop fighting." Ye Chen could not stand by anymore, Hu Wa\'s insistence might harm his body.

"Big brother, I\'ve told you that I won\'t disgrace you." Stubborn, Hu Wa persisted, blood rolling in his mouth.

He raised his head a little bit and knocked Qi Yun\'s forehead hard in everyone\'s gaze.


The clear and loud collision broke the silence.

Everybody was moved by the scene, including Ye Chen.