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Hu Wa moved regardless of the discussion.


With a dull thud, the black iron staff pierced the air and charged towards Qi Yun.

"Full of flaws." Qi Yun derided. As he leaned to one side slightly, the staff went down along his body. One punch went towards Hu Wa.

Without any defense, Hu Wa suffered the palm.

But he also waved the staff and hit Qi Yun with it.

The two ended in a draw in the first move.

"Brat, you wanna die!" Qi Yun uplifted his hand, and showed three traces of sharp sword intents, face darkening.

Hu Wa hastened to wield the staff.




Three sword intents were deflected.

Qi Yun charged towards him and intended to strike.

Hu Wa put the staff before him to ward off.


Qi Yun\'s palm hit on the staff, and the force pushed humming Hu Wa back.

Hu Wa fell behind in the confrontation, since Qi Yun, a cultivator receiving lots of trainings from his clan, was two ranks higher than him.



Albeit with all of his energy, Hu Wa still could not block Qi Yun\'s attack and almost lost.

"As I expect. See!" The onlookers murmured.

"I think Hu Wa\'ll be defeated sooner or later."

"Their gap is huge. Besides, Hu Wa uses staff. He\'s unlikely to win."

Ye Chen sat still calmly, and would not feel disgraced if Hu Wa lost. Because Qi Yun was superior to Hu Wa in terms of both cultivation base and family background.


Pounded by Qi Yun, Hu Wa backed and coughed up blood on the battle platform.

However, Hu Wa, an honest boy, did not look miserable but equanimous, and defended most of the time.

His fighting capability surpassed the third level of the Qi condensation stage thanks to the body refinement of the true fire and the fighting practice with Zixuan. That was why he did not lose though being beaten all the time.

"You don\'t give in?" As Qi Yun bellowed, the sword intents and his palms never ceased.

Silent, Hu Wa still tried his best to brandish the staff.

While the black iron staff danced, disordered shadows emerged, from which some patterns could be seen, and his defense advanced slowly.

"Staff formation." Xu Fu was astonished, grasping some hints from Hu Wa\'s staff skills.

"The boy is not that simple." Chu Xuan smiled, "He has been composed since the beginning. Much calmer than Qi Yun."

"He\'s preparing to counterattack." Daojie, the chief master of the Execution Hall of the outer school, stroked his beard.

The battle situation changed: Hu Wa, who was always hit by Qi Yun, began to add some moves for attack in his defense.

However, Qi Yun guarded himself more because of his chaotic breaths and draining vital energy caused by his continuous mystique application.

Hu Wa started his attack and Qi Yun warded off most of the time.