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All of them, cultivators at the virtual spirit stage, sat on the cloud clusters with crossed legs.

Three rainbows sliced through the sky from the direction of the inner school and remained above the clouds.

They were three chief masters from the inner school, two of whom were not new to Ye Chen: Chu Xuan and Traceless Wind.

The other was Immortal Daoxuan, the chief master of the Execution Hall of the inner school.

"The competition of the outer school is so valued in the Hengyue Sect." Ye Chen mumbled, "It is not that strict in the Zhengyang Sect."

Meanwhile, Chu Xuan was watching him above the cloud cluster.

"Don\'t forget the test!" Her clear and sparkling look excited Ye Chen.

"I see." He giggled.


A trace of spirit light shone into the universe and transformed into a giant shiny compass carved with the names of all the participants. To keep the competition fair, the compass rolled randomly.

Nobody knew who would be his opponent.

"The competition starts now!"

As the vociferousness of Immortal Daoxuan sounded between the heavens and earth, everyone gazed at the compass.


It rolled continuously in blazing light and stopped until two traces of spirit light cast down.

"Who\'s chosen?" All the disciples present looked at the two sides where light stayed.

One trace rested on Qi Yun, the cousin of Qi Hao from Clan Qi in the Nanjiang area.

Another trace stayed on the participants of the Renyang Peak. However, Hu Wa was chosen.

"Um? The compass selects Hu Wa?" Everybody was astounded.

"Ye Chen suffered a lot for Hu Wa\'s sake."

"His cultivation base is poor, compared with Ye Chen\'s."

Ye Chen patted Hu Wa\'s shoulder in the discussion, beaming, "Don\'t be afraid. Just try your best."

"I\'m not afraid." Hu Wa nodded, "I can be defeated by anyone, but not Qi Yun. Big brother, you beat up Qi Yun\'s cousin. I can also defeat Qi Yun. I won\'t disgrace you."

Ye Chen grinned without an answer.

Opposite Hu Wa, Qi Yun jumped on the battle platform swiftly.

Qi Yun planned to broaden his horizon and would give in if meeting strong rivalries. Unexpectedly, his opponent was Hu Wa and he raised his chin high with defiance in eyes.

"No need for you to come up if you fear lose."

A cold flash flickered in honest Hu Wa\'s eyes and he leapt up on the platform.

Albeit teenagers, they arrested the looks around. Two young boys\' fight might be interesting.

"A useless guy is so arrogant today!" Qi Yun looked at Hu Wa up and down mockingly, and scoffed, "Have you forgotten that you were wounded seriously by me on the Wind and Cloud Platform?"

"No crap! Come!" Hu Wa bellowed and fished out his black iron staff.


It aroused the astonishment of the onlookers.

"Why does he practice staff?"

"I suppose he\'ll lose and be injured seriously. Qi Yun is a gifted clan disciple!"

"I cannot agree more!"