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In the early morning, rolling Spirit Mountain of the Hengyue Sect bathed in sunlight, enveloped by clouds and smog.

Looked from afar, the entire sect looked dreamy, just like a wonderland in the mortal realm.

Disciples all headed towards the Qin Kun Pavilion.

It was bustling there.

Ye Chen and Hu Wa\'s arrival captured both jealousy and hatred.

Ignoring them, Ye Chen brought Hu Wa to a most secluded place.

Hu Wa also signed up for the competition. Ye Chen did not expect Hu Wa could win, but hoped him to feel the atmosphere of competition.

"Surrender when you meet strong disciples!" He patted Hu Wa\'s head.

"Alright, I see." Hu Wa was uneasy though sitting beside Ye Chen, since it was his first time to see a grand spectacle.

As a disciple entered, the pavilion turned to be more buzzing.

"Disciples from the Renyang Peak come." Jiang Hao in a white robe appeared before everyone present.


Ye Chen recognized Qi Hao from the queue of the Renyang Peak.

"You recover so soon!" Ye Chen stroked his chin, planning to give Qi Hao a blow.

Ye Chen cast a look at the disciples from the Renyang Peak, and they also flicked vicious looks at him. Qi Hao looked ferocious in particular.

Ye Chen withdrew his sight after one glimpse.

The disciples from the Diyang Peak arrived, and they looked at Ye Chen in hatred as well.

The disciples from the Tianyang Peak reached, led by a nice-looking disciple in green at the peak of the human core stage.

"Is he the one ranking the first in the outer school?" Ye Chen was astounded, "His cultivation base is even poorer than Jiang Hao\'s!"

"He\'s not the No.1 disciple." A voice arose next to Ye Chen.

A young man in ragged with unkempt hair leaned against a chair, looking wild.

"His vital energy is hidden." To Ye Chen\'s surprise, he did not penetrate the youth\'s cultivation base.


Drunk, the youth had a hiccup.

"The disciple is not simple." Ye Chen whispered.

"Disciples from the Regulation Hall arrive." Yin Zhiping came with a team of disciples.

Arrogant as usual, he waved his folding fan like a gentleman, causing the yells of many female disciples.

He also searched for Ye Chen in the crowd and flicked a mocking and vicious look at him.

"I\'ll take your life sooner or later." Ye Chen glanced at him coldly.

Other chief disciples with their teams also reached the Qian Kun Pavilion, such as Wang Lin from the Spirit Fruit Garden, Xiao Jing from the Execution Hall, Lu Xuan\'er from the Books Pavilion , Huo Teng from the Task Pavilion and Qi Yue from the Spirit Core Pavilion.

All the participants for the competition were present.

Within seconds, the sect elders from the outer school riding clouds showed up in the cosmos, including the chief masters from the three main peaks, Pang Dahai from the Treasures Pavilion, Zhou Dafu from the Spirit Tools Pavilion, Zhao Zhijing from the Regulation Hall, Daojie from the Execution Hall, Lin Qingshan from the Spirit Herb Garden, and Huang Shizhen from the Books Pavilion.