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"Though a human-like puppet as she is, she is so…" Tang Ruxuan sighed and looked at Ye Chen with a toothpick in mouth, "You\'re sure she is a human-like puppet?"

"Of course!"

"It\'s so weird." Tang Ruxuan mumbled.


As a screech sounded, Xiong\'er was hit away by Zixuan\'s palm and landed on the ground, all fours stretching.

Ye Chen asked Zixuan to stop.

"Your puppet beat me hard!" Xiong\'er crawled up and stumbled, with one hand covering his face and the other carrying a shoe.

Not long ago, he satirized Ye Chen. However, now he was more embarrassed. His face was covered with palm prints, eyes dark, and his body full of fists prints. "She\'s so cruel!" Xiong\'er cursed continuously.

"Yes, she is." Ye Chen stroked his swollen face.

It was time for Hu Wa to practice.


With volition, Hu Wa pulled himself up each time he was beaten up.

After half an hour, he was defeated, no better than Ye Chen or Xiong\'er.

"She becomes stronger when facing a powerful opponent?" Xiong\'er shrieked when hearing about what occurred last night.

"I\'m not sure. But I have such a feeling." Ye Chen whispered, "She\'s stronger than I expect."

"Is she a puppet at the earth level?"

"I suppose not." Tang Ruxuan shook head resolutely, "Puppets at the earth level can apply some simple mystiques, with true energy sealed inside their bodies to support the application. When I changed for her, I did not find any vital energy sealed in her body after check."

"It\'s so eerie."Xiong\'er covered his face in pain, looking fierce.

"Miss Tang, you seem to know a lot about puppets." Ye Chen smiled to her.

"My master once took part in puppets refinement. And I\'ve heard something about them." Tang Ruxuan revealed two tiger teeth, "You may bring your puppet to my master and ask him to have a look at her."

"After the competition of the outer school!" Ye Chen answered.

When speaking of the competition, Xiong\'er came closer to him, "It\'s said that all the participants in this competition will have a chance for repechage."

"Is that?" Ye Chen was astounded.

"Too many strange things happened during last competition." Xiong\'er explained, "The current top ten disciples of the outer school were all defeated in last competition due to their encounter of more powerful disciples. As a result, many weaker ones entered the inner school. You find that unimaginable?"

"I know that." Tang Ruxuan continued, "Last time, lots of outstanding disciples fought with their peers and some of them lost the chance to enter the inner school."

"Luck is also a part of capability!" Ye Chen sighed.

"The sect elders from the inner school learned a lesson. A chance for repechage for everyone to avoid the situation. Even if two strong disciples fight, one of them still has the chance to enter the inner school. But if one still meets a powerful rivalry in the repechage, that\'s the problem of his luck. "

"Anyhow, I hope we don\'t meet one another in the competition!"