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"You really bought a puppet?" Xiong\'er\'s roar filled the little spirit garden, "It\'s female! Where did you get the money?"

He wriggled around Zixuan for a dozen rounds.

"Ha…ha…She\'s beautiful!"He rubbed his chubby hands and looked at the puppet with blazing eyes. However, Tang Ruxuan stretched hands and pinched his back hard.

"You dare to desire a puppet?"

"Ah…It hurts!"

"Miss Tang, please do me a favor." Ye Chen flung the white dress to Tang Ruxuan, "Please put on the dress for the puppet."

"Ye Chen is your example!" She glared at Xiong\'er and took Zixuan into a room with the white dress.

Grimacing in pain, Xiong\'er edged towards Ye Chen and looked at his dark eyes and fingerprinted face, "Who hit you so hard?"

Ye Chen took a deep breath in embarrassment.

What happened last night was still vivid in his mind and also ashamed for him to explain: he grasped Zixuan\'s breast and was defeated by her.

He doubted there must be something wrong with the puppet, because her smack was over three times stronger and faster than before.

Woman\'s aroma could be smelled from his hand.

"I didn\'t mean it. You were so harsh!" He cursed, nursing grievance.


As the door opened, Tang Ruxuan came out, followed by Zixuan in the white dress.


Xiong\'er drooled, eyes sparkling.

Ye Chen was lost while looking at the puppet.

Zixuan looked like a fairy descending from the heavens, the dress swaying and her hair hanging down like rivulets. Albeit a puppet, she was like a living beauty.

"So gorgeous." Ye Chen immersed himself in his appreciation, mumbling that the girl was shaped into a puppet.

"She lacks one arm!" Tang Ruxuan glared at Xiong\'er, and then cast a surprising look at Ye Chen.

Waking up from his dream, Ye Chen coughed hollowly, "That\'s why she was sold at a lower price."

"You can borrow money from me!" Xiong\'er jumped up, "One arm less will reduce her fighting capability! You can sell the puppet to me, although I suffer some losses."

Ye Chen twitched his mouth, and glanced at voluble Xiong\'er, reading his mind.

Xiong\'er wanted to buy the puppet because of her beauty.

"If you can defeat her without applying your true energy, she\'s yours." Ye Chen answered flatly.

"Really?" Xiong\'er rubbed his hand.

As Ye Chen summoned his thought, Zixuan careered towards Xiong\'er.

"I can beat you up without using my vital energy." Xiong\'er started his fight with his clenched fists.

The battle began.

Zixuan\'s fighting capability stunned both Xiong\'er and Tang Ruxuan.

Ye Chen turned his head aside, unbearable to see the rudeness.



Screaming, Xiong\'er was chased by the puppet all over the little spirit garden, fists and foot prints spreading on his body.

Tang Ruxuan could not squash her astonishment.

The puppet in the Spirit Fruit Garden controlled by her was much weaker than a cultivator at the human core stage.

To her surprise, this one-arm puppet beat up Xiong\'er who could defeat a human-like puppet without his vital energy.