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Although he was her owner, he did not dare to do so.

The two started the battle again after resting for less than one quarter.

This time, he thrust a sword in her hand and also held one himself.


Zixuan moved abruptly when he ordered.


Her sword pierced the air and aimed at Ye Chen\'s throat.

The move of her sword was swifter than his expectation, and would be marvelous with the spiritual energy to apply mystiques.


Instantly, he warded off her sword by his, and brandished it towards her.

His sword blade went down along her shoulder and nearly touched it. She dodged the sword and attacked again. She mastered nearly all of the basic sword skills, but lack of adept application.




The clatter of the two swords arose continuously in the little spirit garden.[礼物]

Ye Chen not only tested her ability but also comprehended the Tiangang Sword Skill over the battle.

His fighting capability plummeted, his robe being sliced by her sword because of his superficial knowledge of the skill.

Gains were acquired as the fight went on.

He grasped a deeper understanding of the skill, and even wielded sword shadow without true energy. Disordered, the shadows gathered into a primary formation.

The swords were discarded.

Ye Chen charged forward her, boiling blood speeding up circulation.

Zixuan was also strong in close fighting.

Both of them wrestled without vital energy.

He threw himself upon her like a tiger, and leapt high as an ape.



As two roars sounded, he rushed towards Zixuan, and struck by his palm.

At this risky moment, she dodged.

"Not finish yet." Laughing, he lifted his knee up.

She waved her arm and blocked Ye Chen\'s knee.

"You look down upon me." He grabbed with a talon-like hand.

Her breast was grasped squarely, due to his fast rate or her lack of protection.


Astounded, he felt the softness of her breast through her clothes. It might be his first time to touch a woman\'s breast.

Silence enwrapped the little spirit garden instantly.


A loud smack broke the quietness and woke up Ye Chen.


So hurtful!

He stumbled and even saw stars before his eyes.

It was not finished yet.

His left eye was punched squarely before he steadied himself.

He was dizzy while stepping back.

Zixuan gave him another pound again.

"Stop, stop…stop." He hastened to shake his hands and prevented her attack.

Her hand paused aloft, which came towards his face. He was certain that she would slap him again if his order was not spoken on time.

"Oh my gosh." He waved head with a burning face and a black eye, "Your move is so harsh."

She did not react as if nothing had happened.

At dawn, Xiong\'er came with his wife.

Dispirited, Ye Chen sat under a spirit fruit tree with his one black eye and crimson finger prints on face. The scene startled Xiong\'er.

"What\'s wrong?" Xiong\'er scuttled to Ye Chen and stared at him with blazing eyes, "Who beat you? Your face is swollen. "

"Shut up. Leave me alone."

"Puppet?" Tang Ruxuan was astounded when seeing Zixuan.