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When the night fell, he was drenched in sweat, sitting on the ground.

Ye Chen did not return to Hengyue Sect in the following days. He practiced hard aiming at close fight.

In the daytime, he walked out of the cave, improved his skills in actual combats with demonic beasts. After each fight, Ye Chen was covered with lines of blood.

At night, he went to the mountains where spiritual energy was thick to nurture his body, and practiced the Secret Skills of Burning Sky.

Ye Chen was astonished to find something unique of the Secret Skills of Burning Sky that his scars could heal by themselves at a faster rate during his refinement.

He gradually understood the core of the wrestle classic and built a stronger body in continuous battles. Now, Ye Chen was confident to fight with the cultivators at the peak of Qi condensation.

In a word, it was fortunate for him to get the Classic of Beast Wrestle.

At a starry night, Ye Chen stretched himself at the entrance of the cave. He had been staying here for several days and decided to go back tonight.


When Ye Chen entered the forest, he frowned, looked up and found a colorful flash across the sky. He came closer and saw a lady in white.

"Virtual spirit stage." Cultivators reaching or above the virtual spirit stage were capable of flying in the sky without spirit tools. With his heart sinking, Ye Chen concluded that the lady\'s cultivation base at least reached this stage.

He saw the lady\'s face, oppressing his surprise.

So beautiful!

Ye Chen was absent-minded at this moment.

The lady\'s white clothes flickered, her silky hair glistened, and the pretty face was breathtaking. She looked like a fairy descending to the mortal realm.

But the beautiful lady was out of condition while flying above the region where Ye Chen stood. Her flying speed dropped dramatically and the brilliance almost died out.

"She is chased." Ye Chen found three men flying in the air and following the lady. Undoubtedly, the three\'s cultivation bases were at or above the virtual spirit stage.

"Leaving is the best policy." Ye Chen realized that he could not stay here any longer.

When he moved his feet a little, the lady fell from the sky and dropped right in front of him, with a beautiful arc sweeping across the air.


After vomiting some blood, the lady glimpsed at Ye Chen, turned away and hid in the thickly grown forest. She controlled her breaths, and Ye Chen could not even feel any movement from her.

The three men who chased the lady arrived behind Ye Chen suddenly. One was an old man with grey hair, one middle-aged man in purple robe and the other a young man in white robe. Facing the three\'s strong momentum, Ye Chen stood in awe.

"Boy, have you seen someone passing here?" The young man in white robe gazed at Ye Chen with his sparkling eyes.

Ye Chen was too fearful to move. The young man seemed to see through him.

"He is asking you." The middle-aged man in purple robe shouted.

"In…in that direction." Ye Chen wanted them to leave right now, and pointed a way casually.

"You will die miserably if I find you cheat us."

"Let\'s go." As the old man commanded, three people embarked on their mission. "She is injured and poisoned by the Albizia Flower Powder. If we capture her, his lordship must be happy."


Ye Chen exhaled deeply after the three left and almost collapsed.

The lady with a pair of droopy eyes staggered out from the forest and looked dispirited. Her face was pale and breaths were weak.

A gentle wind breezed, the lady fell on the ground.


Ye Chen was ready to leave her here, but the lady seized him the moment she fell down.