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At night, Hu Wa almost maimed was put on bed by Ye Chen.

"Big brother, can you ask her to fight with me tomorrow?" Hu Wa cast a demanding look at Ye Chen.

"Alright, but you need to recover first." Ye Chen smiled and infused rolling energy into Hu Wa\'s body.

"I\'m fine."

"Have a good rest and continue your battle tomorrow."

Hu Wa fell into asleep, grinning.

Ye Chen left the room and came towards Zixuan.

"Let\'s have a fight?" He smiled at her, and summoned his thought.

At once, Zixuan moved and threw out her palm slantingly.

He dodged easily and pounded.

Her capability was underestimated. She hided from his fist and plunged her palm towards him.

With a tap of his feet, he backed.

Ordered by Ye Chen, she attacked ceaselessly.

Her ability astonished him. Albeit with only one arm, she was stronger than the one in the Spirit Fruit Garden. He never lost in close fighting without true energy application.


Zixuan was hit back.

She bounced off the ground and careered towards Ye Chen.

He dodged, uplifted his knee, but encountered her hand.

"I look down upon you." He grinned.


As a beast roar sounded, the Beast Wrestling was used.

He would not show mercy while battling with a puppet without any feeling, and accelerated his speed and strength.

But what surprised him happened.

Her close fighting capability outdid his and was enhanced when facing a strong opponent. The Beast Wrestling technique did not help him a lot this time.

"Did I discover a treasure?" Chuckling, he stretched his body and hit like a monster.

The fight lasted for over three hours.

Out of breath, he gave her the order to stop. He did not win without using his vital energy.

The puppet stood still as before , as if nothing had occurred.

"I need to figure out why she grew stronger in the fight." He gulped down a mouthful of spirit liquid and centered around her, considering.

It was certain that the puppet was a little more powerful than before with greater resilience, toughness and flexibility after his true fire refinement.

Another question came across his mind.

She was controlled by his thought, to be more precisely his soul energy.

"She changed because of the influence of my soul energy?"

"That\'s the reason that her fighting capability boost while facing a strong opponent?"

"Her close fighting skills are marvelous. She fought with me for a long time. Not a simple puppet."

Ye Chen revolved around her, whispering.

As darkness grew, he refined the puppet again so that her body could continue its advancement.

Afterwards, he found a white dress for girls from his storage bag.

"Um, it suits her." He showed the dress before her and found it fit her very well.

"As a female puppet, you look like a killer in black. Come, let me put on the dress for you." He moved forward and intended to take off her black clothes.

But he stopped when just unfastening the ribbons of her clothes.

"I cannot do this." He coughed hollowly.

He felt like committing a crime when taking off her clothes.