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Ye Chen did not notice the scene, however, which was found by the eagle just waking from its dream.

It stared at her in confusion from afar.

Sun rose soon.

After breakfast, Ye Chen asked Hu Wa to come to him.

"Are you afraid of pain?" He patted Hu Wa\'s head.


"Fine, let me check your practice result." Ye Chen backed and Zixuan moved forwards.

"You have a fight with her." Ye Chen grinned.


Pleased, Hu Wa nodded and took out his black iron staff.


Instantly, Hu Wa swung the staff, leapt high and plunged down his weapon.

The puppet uplifted her arm gently and threw out her palm.


With a dull hum, Hu Wa stepped back. Before he steadied himself, Zixuan\'s powerful attack pushed him backward, albeit with one arm.

Hu Wa, a cultivator at the third level of the Qi condensation stage and without any battle experience, did not find a chance to ward off at first, when facing a human-like puppet equaling a cultivator at the human core stage.

Ye Chen watched the fight in astonishment.

"I think the one-arm puppet is stronger than the one in the Spirit Fruit Garden."

"Her strategy…"

"And her moves…"

Murmuring, he found differences between Zixuan and the one seen yesterday.

Though with one arm, she was more flexible and capable of all the moves mastered by cultivators, except mystique application.

"Because of the true fire refinement?" He whispered in guess.


Hu Wa was turned over by Zixuan again.


Stubborn, Hu Wa pulled up himself at once, and waved the black iron staff. The Tiangang Staff skill was applied without any strategy, although capable of some attacking power.

Zixuan with a hollow look dodged the staff easily, and pounded Hu Wa. He stumbled and was swept away.

Ye Chen just looked without intervention.

"Boy…" Zhang Fangnian could not bear watching the fight any more.

Ye Chen smiled, "Sir, Hu Wa needs real fights if he wants to be stronger. Mere boosting cultivation base doesn\'t make sense. Setback is necessary and pressure is the driving force."

Zhang Fengnian still could not bear to see Hu Wa\'s being hit.

Ye Chen stopped Zixuan after a long while.

She was intact, while Hu Wa black and blue.

He was thrilled instead of dismay.

"The puppet equals a cultivator of the human core stage. You\'re not dishonored though lose." Ye Chen beamed while curing Hu Wa.

"Big brother, I don\'t fear ache. I\'ll fight with her after a rest." Hu Wa revealed snowy teeth, "I learn a lot from the battle."

After half-an-hour rest, Hu Wa jumped up vigorously.

This time, he was again nastily defeated, but rose up bravely albeit vomiting blood.


Zhang Fengnian came out several times to check Hu Wa\'s status and could not withstanding seeing him seriously wounded.