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At night, Ye Chen brought the puppet back to the little spirit garden.


Hu Wa stopped his staff practice and looked at the female puppet behind Ye Chen, "Big brother, who\'s the pretty sister?"


"A puppet." Zhang Fengnian, a former sect elder of the Hengyue Sect, paced out from the room and recognized the puppet at his first sight.

"Puppet?" Hu Wa looked up at Ye Chen and Zhang Fengnian with great interests.

"Puppets were created by the first master of the sect. They are cold blooded without any thought or emotion. As a special weapon refined by special mystiques, they won\'t let their attack targets go until their controller gives them the order."

Albeit Zhang Fengnian\'s neutral explanation, his surprise could not be concealed.

The dinner went in an uncomfortable fashion.

Ye Chen gormandized, while the puppet beauty stood still behind him.

Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian could not help looking up at her. So did the little eagle.

They went to sleep early after dinner.

In the garden, Ye Chen revolved around the puppet, stroking his chin.

"How about giving you a name?" He looked at the puppet without receiving any response.

He circled around her continuously while deliberating and stood before her finally, giggling, "How about Zixuan? I find the name good. Your name is Zixuan."

He infused a trace of soul energy into her body.

With human skin, the body was not made of blood and flesh, but miscellaneous unknown materials.

Besides, the spells dominating her were also found out from the center of her eyebrows. But he could not understand them after a long comprehension.

He fished out a stagger and sliced on her arm. The wound without blood healed at a slow rate but excited him.

Next, the true fire were poured into her body.

He was about to refine her body so that the impurities would be removed and a better integration of the materials achieved for advanced resilience and toughness.

The heat of the true fire was boost to its extremity without restraint, since the puppet had no feelings.

However, misery flashed between her eyebrows and emotion flickered across her face due to the burning.

Three hours later, he collected the true fire and appreciated the puppet before him.

Refreshing breeze came and lifted up her long hair.

Ye Chen was in trance at this moment as if not facing a puppet but a person.

"Am I dreaming?" He coughed and touched his nose tip.

Darkness grew.

He did not go back to the room for a rest, but sat in the garden for cultivation practice and mediation.

Beside him stood Zixuan still with a dull look.

Clear and bright moonlight shone on her shoulder and melted into her body. As more cast down, she absorbed all.