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Pang Dahai answered with disbelief, "I\'m busy today without any time to bargain with you."

Ye Chen did not answer, fished out his storage bag and gave it to him.

Taking it, Pang Dahai was startled to find over three hundred thousand spirit stones in combination with spirit herbs and spirit liquid, totally amounting five hundred thousand.

"Come with me!" He cast a profound look at Ye Chen, without asking him the origin of the money.

He led Ye Chen to a side door of the Treasures Pavilion.

Inside was a small room of about twenty square zhangs.

As a spirit pearl lightened, six puppets in the small room were seen.

"They\'re all the human-like puppets. You may choose one of them." Pang Dahai replied flatly while counting the items inside Ye Chen\'s storage bag.

Ye Chen already began his selection.

The former three young ones remained there as a gave lock, and did not react when Ye Chen passed by.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Chen knocked the puppets, their tough metal bodies clattering just as the one in the Spirit Fruit Garden.

He came to the fourth puppet.

In its middle age, it was sturdy and over one chi taller than Ye Chen. And its sense of resilience satisfied him.

But he did not rush but turned to the fifth puppet.

It was a scary grey-haired elder with wrinkles and hollow eyes, like a corpse crawling out from a coffin.

"I won\'t choose you." Ye Chen murmured. The elder looked more unpleasing than the middle aged one.

Then he walked towards the sixth puppet.

His eyes blazed at once.

The former five were male, but the six a female.

Emotionless, she stood there still in black clothes and black long boots.

But her look resembled Xu Chuan\'s.

Albeit a puppet, she possessed blonde skin and delicate features like a stone statue. Its creator must have spent great effort in creating her figure and face.

"This one is amazing." Ye Chen considered he might be delighted if seeing her every day.

"Have you made your decision?" Pang Dahai looked at Ye Chen impatiently after counting the money.

"I\'ll take her." He pointed at the puppet beauty.

Pang Dahai frowned and coughed, "I advise you to change another one. The middle aged is better."

"Why?" Ye Chen looked at Pang Dahai in surprise.

"The female puppet is disabled."

Ye Chen wrinkled his eyebrows and continued, "What do you mean by disabled?"

"She has only one arm."

"Really?" Ye Chen was astonished and found the left arm of the puppet a piece of lotus root, which was broken off by him gently.

"What\'s wrong?" Ye Chen flicked a surprising look at Pang Dahai.

"It was damaged when accompanying the disciples of the inner school to fight, and sold to the Treasures Pavilion. The materials for the puppet are hard to sought, so the repair has been put aside. How about changing another one?"

"No need. I\'ll take it. Can you give me a discount since it\'s broken?"

"Fifty thousand spirit stones less." Pang Dahai glimpsed at Ye Chen.


Pang Dahai presented a spirit charm, "Melt your blood and a trace of soul energy into the charm and paste it on the center eyebrows of the puppet."

Ye Chen did as Pang Dahai\'s instruction.

Soon, the charm became thinner and integrated with the puppet\'s skin.

All of a sudden, his soul vibrated and connected with the puppet.

"How marvelous." Ye Chen grinned, "Puppet beauty, you\'ll accompany to fight in the future."

He stretched his hand and brought it into his storage bag.

However, a strange spirit flash flickered in the hollow eyes of the puppet without the notice of Ye Chen and Pang Dahai.