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Mumbling, Ye Chen left from the Spirit Fruit Garden and headed towards the Spirit Core Pavilion.

"Five hundred thousand. I cannot have so much even selling all my spirit liquid and cores!"

The price would be lowered by half if the cores and liquid were taken to the Treasures Pavilion for sale, and his identity as an alchemist revealed if selling them to other disciples.

He did not want to disclose his current identity soon.

He stepped into the Spirit Core Pavilion.

Xu Fu lay in an armchair leisurely and sipped some liquor sometimes, humming a song.

"You\'ve already signed up for the competition?" He glimpsed at Ye Chen.

"Yes." Giggling, Ye Chen slipped behind Xu Fu and massaged his shoulder. "Don\'t do these useless things. Tell me what you want." Xu Fu read Ye Chen\'s mind and knew Ye Chen wanted to ask something from him.

"Eh…May I borrow some money?"

Xu Fu frowned, "How much do you want?"

"Five hundred thousand."


Xu Fu vomited a mouthful of liquor he just took, surprised by the amount.

Ye Chen already covered his ears.

"Five hundred thousand! So much!" Xu Fu\'s loud curse caused a buzz in Ye Chen\'s ears, which were covered though.

"Tell me, what do you want the money for?"

Ye Chen coughed hollowly and touched his nose tip, "Buy something."

"Liar! What is so expensive? Worth five hundred thousand?"

"A puppet." Ye Chen told the truth, otherwise he could not borrow money from Xu Fu easily.

"Are you insane? Five hundred thousand for a puppet?" Xu Fu realized Ye Chen must have been told something about the puppets and wanted to get one.

"I\'m curious of it and would like to have a look at it!"

"Only a hundred thousand." Xu Fu cast an angry glance at Ye Chen and threw a storage bag to him, "Don\'t forget to pay me back. If you don\'t have enough spirit stones, spirit cores can be used instead of them. Get the hell away!"


Ye Chen took the storage bag and walked to the outside in disappointment caused by Xu Fu\'s curse.

Upon Ye Chen\'s arrival at the gate of the pavilion, Qi Yue leaned against a wall. She must have reached earlier and eavesdropped Xu Fu and Ye Chen\'s conversation.

"Senior martial sister Qi."

"Here\'s my entire fortune. Take it!" She fished out a storage bag and passed it to Ye Chen.

Astounded, he never expected that she offered to lend him money.


"Take it." She thrust the bag into his hands and paced into the pavilion, "Remember to pay me back when you have money."

He glimpsed into the storage bag and found a hundred and fifty thousand inside. To his surprise, Qi Yue was generous albeit her indifference.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand, almost enough." He stuffed the storage bag into his chest, and rushed towards the Treasures Pavilion.

It was bustling with many disciples coming.

They came to purchase some replenishments and weapons such as spirit liquid and spirit tools for the coming competition of the outer school.

When Ye Chen walked inside, Pang Dahai stared at the disciples here with his blazing big eyes. Nobody could escape from his sight and might be beaten by him hard if stealing.

"Whew, long time no see." He flicked a glance at Ye Chen.

"I\'ve been busy with cultivation practice!" Ye Chen pretended to select the goods from the shelf next to him.

After a while, he came to Pang Dahai, murmuring, "Sect elder, it\'s said that you sell puppets?"

Astonished, Pang Dahai raised his eyebrows, "You wanna buy?"

"I wanna have a research of it."

"Human-like puppets cost five hundred thousand. Brat, you can afford that?"