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"Puppet can dominate its movements?" Puzzled, Ye Chen stared at Tang Ruxuan.

"Of course not." She revealed two tiger teeth, "It\'s used for guarding the spirit fruit garden and manipulated by man. Master already has cast a spell on it, and anyone stealing fruit will trigger the spell. It will hunt the thief autonomously."

"It\'ll keep chasing if it cannot catch up with Xiong\'er?"

"No. It\'ll stop if Xiong\'er runs out of the garden. Or cast a spell on it to make it stop."

She linked hands and intended to order the puppet.

It stopped at once and returned to Tang Ruxuan.

"Have a fight with it!" She commanded.

Instantly the puppet raised its hands and ripped towards Ye Chen.

He turned over his hand to ward off.


Metal clattering, the puppet was pushed back by his palm.

Soon, it threw itself upon Ye Chen and would not cease its attack until received the controller\'s command, albeit its stiff moves.

"How amazing!" Ye Chen shrieked, judging that the puppet was not that strong.

"It\'s an inferior one among the human-like puppets." Tang Ruxuan explained, "Its material is not that good. If it\'s made of better materials, its power will differentiate after endowed with mystiques."

"Puppets can apply mystiques?" Ye Chen was astonished.

"Yes, they can." She gave a definite answer, "But puppets like that have a high requirement of the softness and toughness of the materials. Otherwise, they\'ll be hurt by the mystiques. Besides, the spell cast on it is complex. Even though they\'re able to apply mystiques, their cultivation bases are lower than the human cultivators of the same rank due to their lack of thoughts."

"So marvelous it is!" Ye Chen stroked his chin, imagining how perfect it would be if he could own a puppet.

Xiong\'er nudged him with finger, and blinked at him, laughing hideously, "You want one?"

"You have an approach?" Ye Chen\'s eyes sparkled.

"Of course." Xiong\'er winked, "The Treasures Pavilion sells puppets."

"Puppets can be sold?" Ye Chen was astounded.

Xiong\'er stretched two chubby fingers, "Each human-like puppet is sold at five hundred thousand spirit stones."

"Five…five hundred thousand?" The price surprised Ye Chen, who swallowed a mouthful of slaver.

"Five hundred thousand is not a small fortune. But you can afford!" Xiong\'er patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder, "Any core of an alchemist will cost dozens of thousands. You may make the money through your cores. But it will take you some time."

"A human-like puppet is not that powerful. Five hundred thousand for one? I suffer a great loss!" Ye Chen flicked his tongue.

"You\'re ignorant! Puppets are thoughtless and soulless, and used as weapons for killing. It can save your life at the pinch or help you block off your enemy\'s fatal attack at least!"

Ye Chen found Xiong\'er\'s words made sense after consideration.

As a tool, the puppet would not incur great loss even it was crushed. Besides, it could protect him as a shield at a critical moment.

"Five hundred thousand." A flash glinting in eyes, Ye Chen stroked his jaw, whispering, "Let me gather some spirit stones?"