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Ye Chen was dragged by Xiong\'er when he set his foot out of the Qiankun Pavilion.

"Where do you come from? Where do you take me to?"

"I\'ll show you something marvelous." Xiong\'er winked.

Ye Chen was taken to the Spirit Fruit Garden.

It was his first time to be here.

His blazing eyes rested on a glimmering spirit fruit hanging on a thick spirit fruit tree, fruit aroma and vital energy permeating.

Tang Ruxuan already plucked some fruits to treat Ye Chen when he and Xiong\'er reached.

Ye Chen helped himself, bit the fruit and cast a look at Xiong\'er, "Where is the item you mentioned?"

"Look there." Xiong\'er pointed at somewhere nearby.

Ye Chen\'s eyes chased Xiong\'er\'s finger.

Not far away from them stood a spirit fruit tree, under which a young man in black remained still like a gave lock.

"Who\'s he? I\'ve never seen him before." Ye Chen flicked a confusing look at Xiong\'er and Tang Ruxuan.

"It\'s puppet." Tang Ruxuan placed arms on a stone table and cupped her chubby chin, "It was brought by my master from the inner school yesterday and will be used to guard the fruit garden."

"Puppet?" Ye Chen paused.

"It is extraordinary, isn\'t it?" Xiong\'er giggled and bit a spirit fruit hard.

"Let me have a look." Ye Chen scuttled to the puppet.

He looked it up and down, and sensed no spirit energy from it, who had a stiff face, hollow eyes and no emotions.

"It is the same as the legend says." He had heard of the puppet as an information collector of the Zhengyang Sect.

The puppet was a killer refined by special mystique. Coldblooded, it would not stop hunting its preys until the controller demanded.

He stretched hand and knocked the puppet gently.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Its tough body was as hard as metal.

"What do you think of it? Amazing?" Xiong\'er walked towards Ye Chen, holding a spirit fruit in hand, "Puppets like it will be placed in the wilderness for the test. But they were human-like puppets with the cultivation base of human core stage."

"Human like? Is there any advanced?"

"Of course." Xiong\'er nodded, "Above human-like puppets are earth-level puppets, who equal cultivators at the true Yang stage. My uncle tells me there is a heavens-level puppet reaching the virtual spirit stage within the sect."

"Really?" Ye Chen shrieked.

"It is said so. My uncle ranks low and he hasn\'t seen the puppet himself."

"Miss Tang, who controls the puppet?" Ye Chen looked at Tang Ruxuan, "May I have a fight with it?"

"Of course!" Xiong\'er thrust the left spirit fruit into his chest and picked another one from the tree, before his wife\'s response.

All of a sudden, a trace of spirit light flashed in the puppet\'s dull eyes.

It moved and chased Xiong\'er.

"Come on, let me accompany you run two rounds." Xiong\'er took his step and the puppet ran after him. It would not stop until catching up with him although its speed was not very fast.