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"You cannot succeed with a strong killing intent." Without looking at the speaker, Ye Chen knew it must be Su Xinyue from the Renyang Peak.

Most of the following comers were Ye Chen\'s foes.

A large group of people sneered at him who had no allies.

"They wanna fight here?" Other disciples whispered.

"Here\'s Qiankun Pavilion. Fight here? They wanna die?"

"What are you doing?" An angry voice broke the menacing atmosphere.

A forthright sturdy disciple in purple with a purple gold hammer came.

His arrival sparkled the eyes of all the disciples.

"Huo Teng, the chief disciple from the Task Pavilion."

"As I expect, today is hustling." Five more disciples showed up and glared the eyes of other disciples again.

"Shi Yan, the chief disciple from the Spirit Tool Pavilion."

"Xiao Jing, the chief disciple from the Execution Hall."

"Wang Lin, the chief disciple from the Spirit Fruit Garden."

"Lu Xuan\'er from the Books Pavilion also comes."

An elegant figure reached and it was Qi Yue.

Except the one from the Tianyang Peak, other disciples ranking top ten among the outer school all arrived. Their appearance made the Qiankun Pavilion more bustling. Only at the competition of the outer school, they gathered.

"No need to introduce, you\'re Ye Chen." Naturally engaged with people, Huo Teng already rested his sight on him.

So did the other chief disciples.

They were in close training when Ye Chen arrived at the Hengyue Sect. Ye Chen was frequently mentioned when they finished close training. Now the real person aroused their curiosity.

"I tell you he\'s at the Qi condensation stage! Believe now?"

"Albeit a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage, his vital energy is as strong as ours."

"The boy looks nice."

The chief disciples stroked his chin and looked at Ye Chen, who was uncomfortable, as if watching a monkey.

"Junior martial brother, don\'t be afraid. I can protect you." Huo Teng threw his arms around Ye Chen\'s neck, and glimpsed at Jiang Hao, Zishan and Yin Zhiping, "The three annoy me at my sight of them."

"What did you say?" The three looked sullen at once.

"You guys make me annoyed!"

"You…" Zishan was to charge forward, but prevented by Jiang Hao and Yin Zhiping.

"We\'ll meet on the battle platform." Humming coldly, they walked into the pavilion with their junior martial brothers.


HuoTeng patted Ye Chen\'s shoulder and replied in a husky voice, "Buddy, let\'s have a drink when we\'re free."

"Let\'s go. Hurry up." Xiao Jing urged others to leave, pacing into the grand hall.

"You feel the pressure?" Qi Yue walked towards Ye Chen and asked him gently.

"A little bit."

He was confident to defeat the disciples below the true Yang stage. Though the top ten disciples were strong, they were all cultivators at the peak of the human core stage, within his fighting capability.

"Very well." Qi Yue grinned, albeit indifferent.

"Where is the No.1 disciple?" Ye Chen asked her in confusion.

"He may be having a drink somewhere." She shrugged and left.

"He has time to drink?" Eyebrows wrinkling, Ye Chen stepped to the outside.