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"There is a wilderness between the inner and outer schools. The challenger gets the entry to the inner school only after passing through it. My uncle tells me traps, demonic beasts and puppets will be placed there. It\'s said that the inner school will dispatch thirty disciples there and the weakest of them even reach the peak of the human core stage. The challenger who breaks their line of defense will be the final winner."

"Shit! Seriously?" Ye Chen cursed, "The inner school designs this test on purpose! The challengers of the outer school may lose their lives!"

"My uncle says the test is to examine the coordination of the disciples. The performance of each is the key factor to the final result."

"I have a sense of foreboding." Ye Chen rubbed his eyebrows.

The inner school entry test of the Hengyue Sect was much more difficult than that of the Zhengyang Sect. The challenger who defeated thousands of outer school disciples had the chance to access to the wilderness. But the test there was more complicated than the competition of the outer school.

At midnight, Xiong\'er and his wife left the little spirit garden.

After Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian went to sleep, Ye Chen took out one item from his storage bag.

It was a spirit pearl. Inside it sealed the half empty darkness core.

He marveled at the core from the perspective of an alchemist, especially the incomplete five patterns. He still had a long way to go to be capable of refining a five-pattern core.

"One empty darkness core can build a master at the empty darkness stage. Can half the core be helpful to the advancement of the cultivator at the medium level of the empty darkness stage?"

"The winner of the core must be anxious now!"

"If the find the other half is in my hand, I\'ll die miserably."

He sighed and stroked his chin, thinking about where he could hide the half core. If the core was discovered, no one knew what would happen.

"Where can I hide it?" He looked around.

Finally, he rested his eyes on the walls around him. Three of them were made of marble and one leaned up against a rock wall.

"I hide it here." He strode to the rock wall, jabbed a small hole on it, inserted the sealed core into the hole, and blocked with pebbles.

Afterwards, he sat in the little spirit garden in lotus position.

As he regained his inner peace and summoned his thought, the true fire jumped out and transformed into a stove under his control.

Spirit herbs were plunged into it.

This time, he did not refine spirit cores but jade spirit liquid.

The outer school competition and the test in the wilderness in particular must be strenuous. It was impossible for him to take the refuel core after great energy consumption.

Although its medicinal effectiveness was weaker than that of the refuel core, the jade spirit liquid enabled him to energize when he was lack of vital energy.

He became more adept in the refinement of the jade spirit liquid after some days of core refinement practice

At this tranquil night, thick medicinal aroma brimmed the garden.

At sunrise, he collected the true fire and poured all the jade spirit liquid into his little purple gold gourd.

"It can sustain for a long time." Pleased, he shook the gourd and laughed.