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Ye Chen did not leave the inner hall in the following ten days.

Not until the night of the eleventh day, did he walk out of the Spirit Core Pavilion in a sluttish manner.

As his core refinement skills advanced, his soul energy also grew stronger.

At midnight, unrest enveloped the Hengyue Sect.

A lot of disciples sitting on rocks with crossed legs absorbed the essence between the heavens and earth along his way.

"Practice more before the competition?" The coming competition of the outer school stressed numerous disciples, who made use of their rest time at night to practice.

His wide popularity even spread to the inner school. With the Tianque Sword, his arrival captured many eyes.

"You\'re Ye Chen?" A disciple in white robe stood in his way.

"True Yang Stage." Eyebrows wrinkling, Ye Chen sensed the disciple\'s cultivation base—the true Yang stage.

He looked up at the disciple and discovered some similarities between him and Qi Hao. No doubt, the two came from the same clan.

"Senior martial brother, what\'s up?" Ye Chen asked flatly.

The disciple in white answered in a mocking tone, "Let me introduce myself. I\'m Qi Yang from the inner school and also the cousin of Qi Hao from the Renyang Peak."

"Senior brother Qi comes to find trouble with me?"

Qi Yang sneered and edged towards Ye Chen, "You\'d better stay in the Hengyue Sect forever. Otherwise, Clan Qi will teach you a lesson. You\'ll pay for a price for pissing off us."

"You frighten me?" Ye Chen glimpsed at Qi Yang.

"Yes, I do." Qi Yang scorned.

"I\'m waiting for you."

"You\'ll die miserably for riling up our clan." Smiling coldly, Qi Hao twisted around and rushed towards the Renyang Peak with a flick of his sleeves.

"Who will die? It\'s undecided yet." Ye Chen sneered and headed down the mountain.

Before his entrance, thick meat fragrance and Xiong\'er\'s shout spread from the little spirit garden, "Help yourself. I took great effort in hunting."

Grinning, Ye Chen pushed the door open and saw Xiong\'er gormandizing with a big iron bowl in hand.

Beside him, his wife, Zhang Fengnian, Hu Wa and the little eagle were eating stewed meat with a big iron pot in their center.


Xiong\'er\'s eyes sparkled when seeing Ye Chen, "Why you come back?"

"I miss you!" Ye Chen rolled up his sleeves, took the chopsticks presented by Hu Wa and helped himself picking a piece of meat from the pot.



Xiong\'er put down his bowl and approached Ye Chen, rubbing his hands, "Boy, have you brought me any gifts?"

Ye Chen was eager to kick Xiong\'er away while setting his sight on Xiong\'er money-grubber like expression, fished out a refuel core from his chest and gave it to Xiong\'er, "This is for you."

Xiong\'er giggled and stretched his chubby hand, "Where\'s my wife\'s?"

"Everyone has." Ye Chen snapped back and took out four more cores. Even the little eagle had one.

They sat around in a warm atmosphere like family, the meat aroma filling the little spirit garden.

After dinner, Tang Ruxuan collected and cleaned the tableware, and Hu Wa rolled up his sleeves to help.

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er sat together and chatted.

"Have you heard that the winners of the outer school competition are allowed to enter the inner school after passing one more test?" Xiong\'er rubbed his teeth.

"Test? What kind of test?" Ye Chen was astounded.