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Qi Yue realized that Xu Fu wanted to make Ye Chen and her a couple.

"Master! Your words embarrass me." She stamped her feet and flushed. Her expression was more strange compared with that when Xu Fu told her his match-making wish at first time.

Xu Fu captured her weirdness and found the answer from her face.


A roar came from outside the hall.

"You refined it?" Xu Fu paced out of the inner hall.

Astounded, Qi Yue followed him.

Ye Chen plunged him on the ground with hair disheveled and laughed wildly, holding a green core.

It was not so smooth and even a little bumpy just like his first refuel core. Even the vital energy lingering above was faintly seen. But he succeeded in refining the soul core.

Xu Fu glanced at the spirit herb ashes on the ground, astonishment glinting in his eyes, "You only used over fifty shares of spirit herbs! What a genius! You\'re so awesome!"



Ye Chen sat on the ground and smirked, his blazing eye resting on the core in hand.

Watching the core closely and especially smelling its medicinal aroma refreshed him.

He opened mouth and swallowed the core.

It, used for nurturing soul, melted at once, as if cool spring water flowing all over his body and sweeping away his fatigue, and boost the energy of his soul.

"Very well!" Ye Chen giggled and his deep eyes brightened.


A sound arose in his body, as if a barrier had been broken.

"He makes breakthrough." Both Xu Fu and Qi Yue shrieked.

"Unexpected ecstasy!" Ye Chen sat on the ground with crossed legs in a hurry.

Thick vital energy centered on him and rushed into his body through all his pores. As a spiritual energy whirlpool came into being, he absorbed the vital energy mouthful after mouthful.

"He only makes the breakthrough of the ninth level of the Qi condensation stage, but a great deal of vital energy has been needed." Qi Yue was startled to see torrential spiritual energy pooling into Ye Chen\'s body.

"His elixir field is much larger than common cultivators\'." Xu Fu stroked his beard, "He\'s capable of challenging the disciples superior to him perhaps due to the huge volume of his elixir sea."

"So it is." Qi Yue glanced at Ye Chen and murmured.

After three hours, the thick vital energy faded.

Ye Chen opened his eyes slowly and his looks were more withdrawn than before.

Thanks to his advancement, his meridians became stronger and his elixir sea over two times wider, rolling vital energy surged like sea waves.

"Great!" He felt tremendous strength from his clenched fists and laughed happily.

At midnight, a dozen of figures walked into a majestic hall of the Blood-thirst Palace.

"Is there any news about the half empty darkness core from the spies placed in the three sects and all the clans?" Authorization arose in the grand hall.


"Useless, all of you!" The bellow rocked the entire hall.

"Go on the investigation. Check carefully! "