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She was punched and hit on a stone monument while pacing back, which collapsed.

Seizing a chance, she deflected Ye Chen\'s Palm.

"Green Sea and Clear Spring." She began to link hands instantly.

As the sound of rolling sea arose, surging waves emerged behind her and nearly gulped the giant stove.

She applied superior mystiques in case of losing the fight.

Ye Chen backed abruptly, facing the rolling waves that the disciples from the outer schools could rarely defend.

"True fire, emerge." The true fire showed up as he summoned his thought.

The splendid fire burned and formed a fire whirlpool surrounding him in the middle.

The surging waves drowned him.


Exhaling some turbid air, Qi Yue was confident with her mystique and certain that Ye Chen would surely be beaten up by this move. She was so awkward at her first time while fighting with a disciple at the Qi condensation stage, surprise glinting in her eyes.

"Force me to apply this mystique. Ye Chen, you may pride yourself on that."

Before she finished the words, her formation of waves was broken by him and hot water flooded.


Spirit sword clattered.

The tip of Crimson Cloud Sword stayed three cuns away from her throat, and shocked her.

"Senior martial sister, you lose." Ye Chen smiled at Qi Yue.

"Eh…" Startled, she fixed her eyes at Ye Chen standing in front of her with mouth wide open.

She was defeated by a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage unexpectedly within three outstanding moves.

Ye Chen collected the sword, stumbled and nearly fell down.

Her last mystique was really powerful. He must have lost without the true fire.

"Xu Fu\'s disciple is striking!" He flicked his tongue. It was hard to say who would win out of the three moves.

"Boy, you surprise me!" Xu Fu walked down slowly from the stair, sighing.

"I win by chance." Chuckling, Ye Chen kept swallowing the spirit liquid.

Xu Fu turned to silent Qi Yue and said with a poker face, "You\'re not the best. Some people outperform you. Introspect after today\'s defeat."

Qi Yue closed her mouth and nodded.

If Ye Chen reached the same rank as hers, she must have been defeated. She needed to learn a lesson today.

Moving slowly and silently towards the side hall, she turned her head to look at Ye Chen, a disciple at the Qi condensation stage and alchemist should not have had excellent fighting skills. However, he stunned her.

"I\'m too proud." She whispered, a strange feeling germinating in her mind.

Ye Chen did not notice that, rubbed his hands and looked at Xu Fu smilingly, "Sect elder, don\'t forget your promise."

"I\'m a man of my word." Xu Fu snapped back. He was disgraced somehow for Qi Yue\'s defeat.

But he kept his promise.

At the moonlit night, he ignited the earth fire and plunged the spirit herbs prepared by Ye Chen into it.

As a professional alchemist, he refined the soul core at ease and explained Ye Chen the theories.


A green core flew out from the stove and was grabbed by Xu Fu.

"Are you clear now?" Xu Fu put the core into his sleeves.

"A bit difficult than last time. But it\'s all right for me." Ye Chen stoked his chin.

"Practice yourself." Xu Fu hummed song leisurely and paced into the back hall.