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The wind flowers and snow leaves charged towards Ye Chen and sliced through his throb.

"Qi Yue applied the mystique so well." Xu Fu standing on the stair stroked his moustache, satisfied with his disciple.

Qi Yue cast a look at Ye Chen.

Her wonderful mystique exhausted and embarrassed him.

"Two proud young men. It\'s better to deflate their arrogance." Xu Fu whispered with a grin.

"What a weird mystique!" Dodging and defending, Ye Chen was surrounded by the wind flowers and snow leaves. Each time he dispersed some, others appeared.

"You want to defeat me by this mystique? You look down upon me." Jeering, he span around, and dispelled the flowers and leaves with his waving sword. With a tap of his feet, he rushed towards her.

As Qi Yue shook her arms, the floating flowers and leaves trapped him again.

And she did belittle him.

All of a sudden, his moves shifted eerily. He moved rapidly by the Fast Virtual Shadow, lagging behind her flowers and leaves.

"What a mysterious move." Not only Qi Yue, but also Xu Fu was astounded.

"Senior martial sister, it\'s my turn now." Ye Chen darted towards her and stretched his hand to apply the Rushing Thunder Palm.

As a gust of forceful wind blew, powerful attack poured towards her, which should not belong to a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage. She knitted her eyebrows.

Albeit stunned, she waved arms and threw out her palm. Spirit light ejected from her hands and hit Ye Chen\'s palm.


Thunder sounded.

Both of them were pushed back by the force.

The first round ended in a draw.

"What a freak!" Startled, Qi Yue realized the meaning of Xu Fu\'s words.

Ye Chen plunged his sword and aimed at her eyebrows.

Tapping her feet, she paced back and drew a distance of two cuns with him.

"Cloud Finger." All of a sudden, she stretched her finger and pointed at Ye Chen.

He threw out his Crimson Cloud Sword at once.


Metal clattering, the sword deflected off Qi Yue\'s finger.

She initiated another point as Ye Chen launched forward.

Unexpectedly, he did not ward off and was jabbed by her finger on shoulder with a bleeding hole. However, he still careered towards her.

His strategy went beyond her imagination.

He waved his arms again and roared like beasts.

Calm, Qi Yue uplifted her arms to deal with him at ease, but his knees bent forward at the same time.

"Close fight?" She distracted another hand to block the attack of his knees.

"Exactly." Ye Chen smiled hideously and changed his fighting strategy.




The yells arose in the pavilion with each of his moves.

Like a beast, he applied all his joints as his weapons.

"What powerful close fighting skills." Qi Yue was astonished while busy with her counterattack.

"Boy, I look down upon you." Xu Fu revealed his surprise as well, "It\'s my first time to see Qi Yue \'s embarrassment in a battle. Ye Chen, I know why you can defeat the lineal disciples from the Renyang and Diyang Peaks."



Ye Chen fought more courageously in the white-hot battle and forced Qi Yue to step back continuously.

Like a drowned mouse, she was interrupted by him in advance each time when she linked her hands and lost her advantage in the close fight.