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"I asked him to go to the Spirit Herb Garden to pick spirit herbs. He\'s not a chore man, but an alchemist."

"Al..alchemist?" Qi Yue was astounded just as Ye Chen expected.

With an expression beyond description, she cast a look at Xu Fu and looked Ye Chen up and down.

She did not know Ye Chen came here for core refinement and thought he was a chore man from the very beginning.

Now she realized why Xu Fu wanted to make Ye Chen her boyfriend.

Enjoying a high social status, alchemists were fawned on by all the sects and clans. Albeit his low cultivation base, Ye Chen, this young boy, would be an outstanding alchemist of the Great Chu Empire in less than dozens of years.

"Sect elder, here\'s your token." Ye Chen presented it to Xu Fu and rubbed his hands, chuckling, "When will you show me how to refine the soul core?"

Xu Fu raised his eyebrows, stroked his moustache and beamed, "I can show you the method but you need to pass my test."

"Test?" Ye Chen gazed at him in surprise.

"Defeat Qi Yue." Xu Fu flicked a glimpse at her.

She frowned and did not understand Xu Fu\'s intention. As a cultivator at the true Yang stage, she could beat up almost all the disciples from the outer school, let alone Ye Chen at the Qi condensation stage.

She reckoned Xu Fu purposefully made difficulties for Ye Chen, who could not pass the test.

"Sect elder, are you serious?" Ye Chen\'s eyes sparkled.

"Of course."

"Fine!" Ye Chen stepped back four to five zhangs, and twisted his body, blood speeding up as if boiling.

"Senior martial sister Qi, please!" He stretched his body and unsheathed the Crimson Cloud Sword.

"Master." Qi Yue turned to Xu Fu, eyebrows knitting.

Xu Fu stroked his moustache with a profound smile and sent a message to her silently, "Don\'t look down upon him."

"Alchemists aren\'t good at fighting. Besides, he only reaches the Qi condensation stage. Master, you overestimate him." Her look delivered the information to Xu Fu.

She also backed four to five zhangs and stretched three fingers to Ye Chen after steadying herself, answering coldly, "If you won\'t be defeated in three moves, I am the loser."

"You\'re so confident!" Ye Chen grinned.

"I\'m that capable." She still responded gruffly.

Qi Yue quickly linked her hands.

A gust of wind took shape centering around her at once and transformed into a flower. Snowflakes fell down and gathered into leaves. What a splendid scene that wind and snow entwined, flowers and leaves descended, and gorgeous light revolved.

Opposite her, Ye Chen\'s eyes were half-closed.

He knew the mystique must be extraordinary.

"Windy flower and snowy leaf." As melodic voice sounded, Qi Yue pointed at Ye Chen with her fingers.

Wind interwoven with flowers, snow and leaves blew on his face.


He waved the Crimson Cloud Sword and applied the Tiangang sword formation for defense.



Albeit gentle, Qi Yue\'s mystique was sharp and even created sparks when touching the sword.

"What a marvelous mystique." He tried his best to brandish the sword.