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Ye Chen took a deep breath and infused his true fire into the stove

Xu Fu followed out and focused on Ye Chen, albeit snoozing in chair.


All the herbs burned out since something wrong went with the core refinement.

Waving head, Ye Chen continued.

He spent all the herbs left but refined merely three refuel cores over one day.

"The boy makes progresses so quickly." Xu Fu marveled at Ye Chen\'s talent.

Xu Fu used more than ninety shares of spirit herbs to refine his first refuel core, three times more than Ye Chen\'s.

"Even Danchen will be startled by Ye Chen\'s talent." Xu Fu grinned.

Exhausted, Ye Chen collapsed beside the stove, gasping.

"Three cores, ha…ha…" He held the cores happily, in hope of everyday progress, because growing into a top alchemist was impossible.

"Have you felt the change of your soul?" Xu Fu asked and edged towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, "My soul becomes stronger as the core refinement proceeds. Besides, I gain inner peace as well."

"You\'re not that dull!"

"Sect elder Xu, do you have the cores that used for nurturing souls?" Ye Chen rubbed his hands and giggled.

"I have. But they\'re mine. If you want them, you go to refine yourself."

"I don\'t have the recipe!" Ye Chen looked at Xu Fu, eyes sparkling.

Xu Fu glimpsed at him angrily, fished out an ancient volume and passed it to him.

Ye Chen hurried to take it.

After scanning, he realized the Soul Core with a complicated refinement method was also one-pattern, and ranked a little higher than the refuel core.

"Don\'t show the recipe to others." Xu Fu warned Ye Chen, "Recipe is very important to alchemists. Bear that in mind."

"I see." Ye Chen lowered his head and concentrated in reading the recipe.

"Take your time." Xu Fu pulled himself up, went into the inner hall and left a token to Ye Chen, "If you lack spirit herbs, just take my token and go to the Spirit Herb Garden to pluck."

"It\'s amazing!" Ye Chen held the token with blazing eyes. It was a pass!

He went to the Spirit Herb Garden with the token that night.

There was no need for him to be sneaky with the pass. And he could pick all the herbs he needed.


Not long after his arrival at the garden, a woman\'s moan spread from the pavilion just like he came here at his first time.

Ye Chen coughed hollowly and touched his nose tip. The sexual vocalization lingering around his ears reminded him of the wonderful night spent with Chu Ling in the demonic beast forest and distracted him from his mission.

He organized his thoughts and coughed.

Eagerness arose in the pavilion, "Come on, put on clothes."

The male disciple named Li San paced out with the ties of his clothes unfastened.

"You need my help?" Li San feigned calm, asking.

"Sect elder Xu asks me to pick spirit herbs." Ye Chen showed Xu Fu\'s token.