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"Boy, you have an outstanding perceptivity!" A sneer came from the forest.

A crooked old man in grey walked out with a walking stick in hand. His pockmarked face wrinkled seriously. The orbits of a pair of scary and blood-shot eyes protruded.

Ye Chen judged the man to be a villain from his hostile look.

"Hand me everything you have, and I can leave you a complete body. Otherwise I will make you hover between life and death." The old man sneered and showed the yellow teeth in his mouth.

"I am a cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation, what treasure can I have?" Feeling dizzy, Ye Chen cast a glance at the old man.

The poison of the three needles inserted in Ye Chen\'s arm was refined in a particular way. It spread so fast that most of his meridians and bones were corroded and vital energy could hardly run.

"What a rebellious boy you are!" The old man approached Ye Chen with a grim smile and black mists lingering in his palm.

Ye Chen was calculated.

He faced the crooked old man in hatred. The man was good at poison application. Moreover, his cultivation was the first level of human core stage, surpassing Ye Chen\'s by a whole stage. In Ye Chen\'s opinion, he could not beat the man even if he was not intoxicated.

However, the golden fire in his elixir sea quivered, separated into dozens of trails, rushed above meridians and bones, and refined the poison.

The refinement was much faster than the spreading speed of poison. All the toxins in Ye Chen\'s body were cleared up in a short time.

"The fire can refine poison?" Checking his body in haste, Ye Chen was surprised to find the hope to live.

He kept still, watching the humpback approach.

Ye Chen recovered after the refinement, but did not move an inch and prepared to attack the old man when he lowered his guard. His cultivation base was inferior to the old man\'s, and he rarely had a chance to win if he confronted the old man.

But if Ye Chen attacked the old man by surprise, the result might go the other way around.

"Little boy, don\'t blame grandpa." Pretending to be mercy, the old villain stood before Ye Chen\'s face with a vicious look in his eyes.

"I don\'t blame you." As a cold light flashed, Ye Chen sneered.

The crooked old man smelled a sense of danger with eyes half closed.

Rushing Thunder Palm.

Screaming, Ye Chen stroke suddenly.

"You dare…" The old man was too astonished to avoid Ye Chen\'s unexpected attack in such a short distance and was hit by Ye Chen on his chest.

He was shocked, stepping back.

It was unbelievable that Ye Chen could detoxify instantly and beat back.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ye Chen yelled after one successful strike.

It was too late for the old man to defend. He stepped back and vomited blood under Ye Chen\'s hit.

With vital energy floating inside, Ye Chen did not give any chance for the crooked to react, and hit him with the Rushing Thunder Palm several times.

The old man had no time to counterattack.


As a cold dagger inserted into chest, the old man lay down on the ground. He wanted to speak, but his blood flowed out the moment he opened his mouth. A scared look still remained in his eyes. He never expected to be killed by a young cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation till his death.

Ye Chen staggered and kneeled on the ground.

His vital energy was consumed a lot after continuous uses of the Rushing Thunder Palm. It was worthwhile to kill an old villain at the human core stage. Ye Chen never achieved such a glorious accomplishment before.

Although his achievement counted on an ambush, Ye Chen still prided himself on it.

He tottered, stood up immediately, took away the old man\'s storage bag, shouldered Tianque Sword, and pulled out the purple ginseng before slipping into the forest.