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Silent night descended.

Qi Yue glanced at the stove and walked into the side hall.

Ye Chen lay quietly in the stove, but his soul entered a wonderland.

"Where am I?" He, stunned, looked at the world before him.

It was a virtual wilderness without ends where majestic and cliffy mountains stood. A trace of wild energy poured towards him.




All of a sudden, the virtual world rocked.

A giant stepped towards him from afar, his feet hitting the ground hard.

The strong man seemed to be primitive with bare arms and tiger skin enveloped his underbelly. His eyes blazed, inky hair floated in the wind and his muscle was about to explode.

"Is he ancient barbarian?" Ye Chen whispered. Albeit in the virtual reality, tremendous pressure oppressed him. His heart quivered as the giant took each step.


The primitive stopped and remained still.

His mountainous back looked like a monument that would never collapse by any force.

He stood there like a statue.

Year after year, he remained there and never moved an inch. Time left traces in his mountains.

Finally, he opened eyes and lightening erupted.

Dragon patterns crawled upon his body at a fast rate and electricity wandered above his arms.

"Dragon Kang." Roaring, he stepped forward, waved his arm violently and threw out his palm towards the cosmos.


As the dragon yell sounded through the universe, the primitive giant cast a huge dragon shadow, which snarled and flew towards sky, with his palm.



Dark clouds gathered overhead. The dragon crashed the vault of heaven and both the heavens and the earth quaked.

"How…powerful the mystique is." Ye Chen was astounded with his mouth wide open.

Right now, the virtual world began to dissipate and torrents of information, a mystique named Dragon Kang, rushed into his brain. The scenes that the primitive practiced the mystique reappeared in Ye Chen\'s brain incessantly.


Ye Chen sat up in the stove.

He regained composure after staying in trance for a while.

"Dragon Kang." Murmuring, he realized that he had been involved into a wonderland and the memories of the primitive illustrated the mystique.

He hurried to stand up, cast a look at the stove wall, but found the thickly dotted characters were gone.

"The mystique must have been carved on the stove wall earlier." He mumbled.

"Xu Fu knows nothing about that?"

"Or…" Ye Chen\'s eyes flinted, and lowered head to the true fire in his elixir sea, "The mystique only reveals when meeting true fire. Earth fire isn\'t qualified to make the mystique to show up. If so, I know why Xu Fu knew nothing about it."

Ye Chen turned over and jumped of the stove.

He scurried out the Spirit Core Pavilion to the mountains behind the sect.

"Here." He found a secluded place and sat down to comprehend the mystique.

It emerged in his brain again.

He flicked his tongue over his comprehension.

The mystique was powerful as its name indicated.

It required its practitioners to have strong bodies, otherwise they would be wounded.

"The ancient primitive must come from Clan Man. The people of this clan all possess strong bodies and their skills are surely of great power."

"Does my body reach the demand to practice the mystique? "