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"He used forty shares of spirit herbs!" Xu Fu\'s eyes glinted in surprise, "Danchen used seventy shares of herbs for his first core! The boy is marvelous…"

Although Ye Chen\'s progress went beyond his expectation, Xu Fu answered with a sullen face, "It\'s ok. But the quality of your core is inferior. You still need more practices."

"I see." Ye Chen giggled.

"It\'s your first core, take it!" Xu Fu returned the core to Ye Chen.


Ye Chen nodded with the core and gulped it.

Its medicinal energy spread in his body and replenished his spiritual energy. Spirit core was more powerful than jade spirit liquid because of the energy essence.

"Go to rest! Go on refining tomorrow." Xu Fu left there with an utterance delivered from afar, "Clean the stove, especially the ashes."

"I see." Ye Chen moved away the top of the stove happily and jumped inside.

Stars were dotted on the navy blue sky at midnight.

Faint step sounds broke the silence of the pavilion.

A girl came out of one of the halls flanking the Spirit Core Pavilion.

Cold, she looked like a lotus flower.

She was Qi Yue, the chief master of the Spirit Core Pavilion.

"I still haven\'t advanced to the true Yang stage in this close training." She whispered, reconcilement glimmering in eyes.


She frowned and heard the rustles from the stove while passing by.

"Who\'s there? Come out." Qi Yue shouted gruffly.

As an inky arm stretched from the stove, Ye Chen revealed his head.

Eyes-half-closed, Qi Yue asked, "Who are you? Why are you in the stove?"

Ye Chen bounced out of it, tittering, "I\'m a chore man."

Qi Yue frowned when sensing Ye Chen\'s cultivation base, the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage, "Don\'t touch other things in the pavilion."


Ye Chen replied gruffly while setting his eyes on her frosty face and hearing her disdainful remarks.

She flicked a glimpse at him and stepped to the outside.

"What expression? I don\'t owe your money." Ye Chen crawled into the stove again.


The true fire vibrated in his elixir sea as if sensing the earth fire below the stove. Restless, it might swallow the earth fire without his restraint.

"Behave yourself!" He cursed.

Albeit without spiritual intelligence, the earth fire with spiritualism feared its stronger opponent—true fire and remained still from the time he jumped into the stove.


Some characters carved on the inner wall of the stove revealed after he wiped out the ashes.

He showed his true fire in hand to lighten up the dark space inside the stove, which glowed in golden light.

The baby-nail-sized characters were thickly dotted on the stove wall and many of them were too ancient to recognize.



When faint dragon moan sounded, Ye Chen thought it was his hallucination.

He knitted his eyebrows, stretched hands and touched the words.

They moved and sparkled. He had to cover his eyes against the shiny light.

The characters jumped off the stove wall and circled around him at a fast rate.

At last they rushed into Ye Chen\'s eyebrows.


Roaring, he buried his head with hands and passed out.