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The core melted in Ye Chen\'s mouth instantly.

Its medicinal energy rushed into his body and swept away his exhaustion like cool spring water.

Besides, the core alleviated the stingy pain of his brain and eliminated his enervation.

After two hours, he breathed out some turbid air, turned over his body and rose up. The true fire danced in the stove the moment his summoned his thought.

"Inner peace." Ye Chen warned himself.

The first group of spiritual herbs were thrown into the stove.

He watched out each step this time.

But he still failed when the refinement proceeded half of its process.

He continued without disappointment.

Ye Chen mustered all of his strength and was lost in time, each procedure going slowly. Albeit failure, he became more adept.

Not far away from him, Xu Fu opened his eyes and glanced at the spiritual herbs ashes left in the stove.

"It took me ninety-three shares of spirit herbs to refine the refuel core for the first time. Ye Chen, how about you?" Xu Fu whispered and snoozed again.


The stove vibrated again, and Ye Chen failed twenty times.

"I believe I can refine the core." He gnashed teeth and showed true fire without a rest.

On the top the Spirit Mountain revolved by misty spiritual energy in the inner school of the Hengyue Sect sat Chu Xuan with crossed legs, practicing breathing.

An aromatic delicate figure walked towards her from behind.

"Chu Ling, why you come out?" Chu Xuan stood up and poked Chu Ling\'s forehead gently, "You\'re not diligent."

"I\'m not." Chu Ling giggled and looked around as if looking for something.

"What are you seeking?"

"Sister, I hear you\'ve taken a disciple from the outer school. Where is he? Let me have a look. I want to see what a talent he is!"

"He\'s still in outer school." Chu Xuan grinned, "He\'s an interesting boy. If he cannot pass my test, he is disallowed to enter the inner school."

She pushed Chu Ling tenderly, "You go on your close training. Don\'t sneak out again!"

"I see. I see." Chu Ling responded and left here.

"Done!" At midnight, a husky voice sounded in the Spirit Core Pavilion.

"You succeed in such a short time?" Waken up from deep sleep, Xu Fu jumped out and paced to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen already grabbed one core flying out of the stove.

Worn out, he stumbled and nearly collapsed on the ground when he grasped the core. His tiresome face was deathly pale, blood-shot eyes protruded and stubbly moustaches germinated around his mouth.

Xu Fu infused one trace of spirit light into Ye Chen and steadied him.

"The core is refined!" Ye Chen, thrilled, looked at the refuel core regardless of his fatigue.

The core was not smooth as Xu Fu\'s and even a little bumpy. The purple vital energy lingering above it showed up but disappeared sometimes. And the only one pattern was vaguely seen.

Even so, he felt ecstatic, because it was his first time to refine the core.

Xu Fu took the core and glimpsed at the left spiritual herbs.