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In the Spirit Core Pavilion, Xu Fu prepared the materials to refine cores.

Most of the thirty kinds of spiritual herbs taken out by him were new to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sighed that sprit core refinement was more complicated than refining spirit liquid.

"In the refinement, concentration comes to the first and fire control the second." Xu Fu instructed Ye Chen while putting the herbs in order.

"You have an advantage in core refinement, because your soul is one level higher than cultivation base."

"Besides, your true fire is born with spirit intelligence and linked with your thought. You can control the subtleness of the flame. It\'s important to refinement."

Xu Fu cast a profound look at Ye Chen, "You\'re a natural alchemist."

"Alchemist? Me?" Ye Chen was stunned.

"Your conditions are good. If you don\'t be an alchemist, you\'ll fail God\'s favor." Xu Fu took out a dozen of spirit herbs, "You may surpass Danchen with your talent." "Danchen?" Ye Chen shrieked.

He knew the name very well. Dan Chen, the most famous alchemist in the Great Chu Empire, did not belong to any sect or clan. Nobody dared to pique him.

Ye Chen never imagined that Xu Fu spoke so highly of him.

"Do you have interest in being an alchemist?" Xu Fu looked forward to Ye Chen\'s answer.

"Of course." Ye Chen uttered without hesitation.

The Great Chu Empire enjoyed merely five alchemists, who possessed high social status. His future would bright, if he had the chance to become an alchemist.

Satisfied with Ye Chen\'s answer, Xu Fu walked towards the stove.

"I\'m going to teach you how to refine the first core. Stay focused, I only show you once." The earth fire under the stove ignited.


Purple flame inside the stove burned, and the four mythical animal patterns on the stove walls brightened.

As Xu Fu\'s robe swayed, a few spiritual herbs were flung into the stove. While Xu Fu extracted the herb essence, he threw several herbs into the stove again.

Ye Chen stood beside him quietly, each of Xu Fu\'s action being carved on his heart.

It was a long process.

Thick medicinal aroma floated in the pavilion.

"Done." As Xu Fu patted the stove and shook his arm, a purple core flew out from the stove and was grabbed by him.

Ye Chen hurried to pace nearer and stared at the core with sparkling eyes.

"Have a look at it!" Xu Fu passed the core to Ye Chen.

Freshly refined, it was still warm, purple energy revolving around. Its thick scent refreshed the smeller.

A faintly-seen pattern showed on the surface of the core.

"This is Refuel Core. You will soon revitalize when out of vital energy or spiritual force after taking it." Xu Fu found a comfortable place to sit down, "It\'s one of the inferior cores. The pattern on it identifies its rank."

"Spirit core has ranks?" Ye Chen looked at Xu Fu.

"Of course. If the core has only one pattern, it\'s called the one-pattern spirit core; if two, two-pattern spirit core. The more patterns one core has, the higher its rank is."

"Sect elder, how many patterns does the highest-ranked core you\'ve refined have?"

"Three patterns. I refined it alone." Xu Fu did not conceal anything, "And one four-pattern spirit core. I coordinated with Danchen."

"How many patterns does the empty darkness core have?" Ye Chen asked without deliberation, longing for the answer.

Xu Fu frowned, and cast a profound look at Ye Chen, "You even know the empty darkness core!"