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Ye Chen saw Chu Xuan sitting next to Xu Fu upon his arrival.

"It\'s her…" Startled, Ye Chen was to run away.

A trace of strong and irresistible energy enwrapped and drew him back, as he just took two steps.

It was Chu Xuan that did this.

She smiled at Ye Chen, "Little boy, do I look scary?"

"No…not scary." Ye Chen tittered.

"Why you run away at your sight of me? So did you last time." Chu Xuan was puzzled, her eyes glinting.

"You met him before?" Xu Fu was confused.

"We met in the mountain behind the sect. And he escaped when seeing me."

Xu Fu raised his eyebrows, "Ye Chen, did you do something guilty?"

"No!" Ye Chen kept shaking head.

"Why did you run?"

"You\'re Ye Chen?" Chu Xuan asked in astonishment.

"Junior martial sister, you heard of him?" Xu Fu was astounded.

"Of course!" Chu Xuan stretched arms, "The news that he defeated a dozen of lineal disciples from both the Renyang and Diyang Peaks spread to the inner school already."

Ye Chen coughed hollowly, and touched his nose tip. To his surprise, he had been renowned for his battles within the sect since his arrival here.

"Little boy, are you interested in being my disciple?" Chu Xuan giggled and looked at Ye Chen.

He never expected the invitation.

To accept it or not, it was a problem.

He was certain the woman before his face was not the same one whom he encountered in the demonic beast forest. However, he had a sense of foreboding that he would be stabbed while sleeping if he accepted this offer.

"You need to consider?" Xu Fu kicked Ye Chen while seeing his silence.

"What do you think?" Chu Xuan cast a look at Ye Chen with great interest.

"Sect elder, I need to go to the inner school now?" Ye Chen asked tentatively, staring at Chu Xuan.

"There is a test. You\'re allowed to enter the inner school of you pass it."

"I\'m clear."

"Alright." Chu Xuan stood up, paced to the outside, but turned around smilingly at the gate of the Spirit Core Pavilion, "If you\'re qualified to enter the inner school. I\'ll teach you mystique."

The grin made Ye Chen in trance.

Chu Ling \'s shadow could not be erased from his brain since the night of passion and her elegance was engraved on his mind.

Now he faced a girl resembling Chu Ling, as if dreaming.

He was too fascinated to be clearheaded.

"She left. You still watch?" Xu Fu gave Ye Chen a kick, which dragged him into reality.

Ye Chen coughed and touched his nose again.

"Working now." Xu Fu pulled Ye Chen into the inner hall.

A giant alchemy stove three zhangs tall and carved with a dragon, a phoenix, a white tiger and a black tortoise as well as other complicated patterns on its walls stood there.

The stove was the biggest he had ever seen and delivered a sense of pressure.

Hot waves of earth fire rolled from underground.


Ye Chen\'s true fire flickered as if sensing the earth fire.

But its quiver frightened the earth fire.