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Over the period, Ye Chen accelerated the refinement many times, and washed her marrow again and again including her meridians and bones.

Three hours later, he took out some turbid air and collected away his true fire.

Tang Ruxuan swaggered the moment true fire left from her body.

"How do you feel?" Xiong\'er asked in a hurry.

"So warm." She stretched her stiff body, "My body is lighter than before and meridians smoother. I feel good."

"Really?" Xiong\'er rubbed his hands and blinked at Ye Chen with sparkling eyes, "Can you refine mine?"

"No problem!" Ye Chen replied without hesitation, and enveloped Xiong\'er with the fire.


Xiong\'er\'s roar rocked the little spiritual garden at once.

Ye Chen would not show mercy when refining Xiong\'er.

In the following two days, Xiong\'er and his wife came to Ye Chen every early morning.

Over washing marrow for three day, Tang Ruxuan\'s cultivation base advanced from the fourth level of human core stage to the fifth level unexpectedly.

Time flew.

At dawn, Ye Chen shouldering the Tianque Sword climbed up to the Spiritual Mountain to help Xu Fu refine cores.

As usual, the disciples sitting on rocks to inhale spiritual energy flicked looks and pointed at him upon his arrival.

"Sect elder Xu nearly fell out with sect elder Zhao for Ye Chen."

"One who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune."

"He\'ll lead a bright future under sect elder Xu\'s protection."

Indeed, a few disciples greeted Ye Chen along his way; however, he had been neglected before. Xu Fu not only saved him, but also changed his social surrounding.

"Don\'t be complacent." Some disciples from the Renyang and Diyang Peaks were met as well.

Out of jealousy or hatred, these disciples gnashed their teeth when encountering Ye Chen, as if he had been the feud having killed their fathers.

Ye Chen went directly towards the Spirit Core Pavilion, ignoring all of these comments.

A fairy-like female sect elder paid a visit to Xu Fu.

She was Chu Xuan, whom Ye Chen met in the mountains behind the sect.

Xu Fu looked at Chu Xuan in astonishment, "Junior martial sister, you really want to select one from outer school to be your disciple?"

"I have no other choice, since the sect lord forces me to do so." She shrugged, "He asks me to choose a genius at the Qi condensation stage in case of need."

"There\'re a lot of talented disciples in outer school for you to select!"

"You agree with the sect lord!" Chu Xuan rubbed her eyebrows.

Xu Fu waved head and transferred topic, "What do you think about the empty darkness core auctioned in the Ghost Black Market?"

When speaking of the core, Chu Xuan frowned after deliberation, "Gossips say that the winner must be among the three sects and the Blood-thirst Palace. I suppose it\'s very likely to be the palace."

"It is said that only half of the core has been taken away."

"It needs to be proved. Sect lord also joined the fight for the core, but was fooled. Only the winner knows whether the core has been taken away completely or not."

"Sect elder Xu, I\'m coming." Ye Chen entered the Spirit Core Pavilion.