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Stars were dotted in the navy blue sky.

Ye Chen returned to his room at late night.

He sat on bed with crossed legs and checked his body in the flickering candle light.

The demonic energy resurrected today. If Xu Fu had not come, he must have revealed the demonic transformation and lost his life.

"Last time, the energy revitalized at a pinch when I had a duel with Lv Zhi."

"My wrath triggered the demonic energy in blood this time?"

He whispered and hoped to find the way to activate the energy.

Albeit ferocious, the power released by the energy, a trump card if applied well, was desired by him and could help him stay out of danger at critical moments.

He fell into asleep.

His soul wandered and lingered between fact and virtual reality.

In his dream emerged a blurred inky world, where a huge tripod stood between the heavens and the earth and pressed him breathless. Demonic sound distracting him arose in the tripod.


All of a sudden, he sat up and gasped, sweat standing on his forehead.

It was a Dream!

He did not rub his eyebrows until he saw the familiarities around. The mountain-sized tripod in dream always floated in his brain, because his dream seemed to be real.

After breakfast, Xiong\'er came to him with a plump young woman, his wife.

Ye Chen looked her up and down.

Without a striking face, she was chubby but pretty with a pair of clear and big eyes. And she looked charming when winking.

"This is my wife, Tang Ruxuan." Xiong\'er drew her into his chest.

However, Ye Chen found the two inharmonious when standing together.

Ye Chen was impulsive to ask her, "Why did you choose Xiong\'er as your husband?"

"Don\'t be so intimate in public." She, shy as a girl, pushed Xiong\'er away.

She looked at Ye Chen and laughed, revealing her dimples and tiger teeth, "I\'m Tang Ruxuan, a disciple of sect elder Du of the Spiritual Fruit Garden from outer school."

Ye Chen smiled, "You can all me Ye Chen."

"Sorry to trouble you this time. What do I need to prepare?" Tang Ruxuan asked.

"Nothing to prepare. Washing marrow is painful." Ye Chen did not conceal anything. He almost passed out due to the tearing pain when refining his body at first time.

"It\'s all right. I can endure that."

As Ye Chen nodded and summoned his thought, his true fire enwrapped Tang Ruxuan, divided into several trails and infused into her.

He was careful to avoid hurting her meridians.

Even so, Tang Ruxuan was sweaty in pain.

"Can you do that?" Xiong\'er glanced at Ye Chen when seeing his wife\'s torture.

"Don\'t worry. I can manage it." Ye Chen snapped back.

Tang Ruxuan gradually adapted to the ache and Ye Chen accelerated the refinement.

"You had been engaged to the fatty before you were born?" Ye Chen found a topic to distract her in case she suffered the intense pain.

She glimpsed at Xiong\'er and giggled, "He did not look like this before. His appearance changed because of the mistakes of his cultivation skills."

"Really?" Ye Chen frowned at Xiong\'er.

"I\'m annoyed when speaking of this." Xiong\'er plunged himself on the ground, "I used to be dashing. But I\'m ruined by an elder and the damned cultivation skill. "

"Don\'t worry. I still love you. Ha…ha…ha…" Tang Ruxuan patted Xiong\'er\'s chubby head and exposed her two tiger teeth, "One day you\'ll return to the old look."

The merry chat succeeded in distracting Tang Ruxuan.