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Ye Chen heard demonic beasts howling the moment he entered the demonic beast forest.

Highly concentrated, he explored the deep forest scrupulously. In the dangerous forest, he might lose his life at any second. Even if Ye Chen had not broken his elixir field, he should have been circumspect as well.

He stopped exploring and stepped on a rock after half an hour.

With eyes half-closed, Ye Chen looked around and found that a herb on the surface of a rock glistened.

The spirit herb that glimmered in purple light with spiritual energy revolving around was named purple ginseng. He was familiar with it. The herb helped people to set their hearts at rest and discard distractions after taking it. It was a valuable spirit medicine.

"How fortunate I am." Ye Chen murmured, but he did not move immediately. According to his experience, where there was a spirit herb, there was a demonic beast.

When Ye Chen looked around, rustles as well as bloody and furious smells came from the thickly grown forest. Even the earth shattered afterwards.

"Fire wolf." Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, "I am looking for you!"

Soon, as a giant monster with the height of more than one zhang sprang from the forest, all the bushes toppled and fell to the ground. Purple flames burned all over its body, and in its big and blood-shot eyes showed furiousness and thirst for blood.


Purple flame erupted from its big mouth as the beast snarled.

Ye Chen leapt from the rock with his feet tips on it, and turned around in a second by virtue of his bounce on a huge rock. After refinement, a golden spiritual energy formed into a sword and aimed at the wolf\'s eyes as Ye Chen waved his hand.

It was not his first time to battle with a fire wolf. Though equipped with a strong body and burning flame, the beast still had a shortcoming—eyes.


The golden energy sword clanged, and its sound pierced the air.



As a pair of big eyes became blood-flesh-blurred, the wolf screeched, and its stinky blood spurted.


Ye Chen held Tianque Sword, and stroke it on the wolf\'s head. It was smashed and badly mutilated. Shocked in pain, Ye Chen\'s hands could not seize Tianque Sword anymore.

The fire wolf was dumbstruck and could not stand steadily after the hit.

Take your life when you are ill!

Ye Chen understood the saying. He strode to the wolf with vital energy pooling in his palms and thunders wandering among his fingers.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Ye Chen hit the skull of the beast by means of the Rushing Thunder Palm.


The fire wolf\'s head exploded instantly, its brains splashed, stinky blood spurted, and large torso hit the ground. Perhaps the wolf could not figure out how it was beaten by a young cultivator at the first level of Qi condensation stage till the moment of its death.


Ye Chen exhaled deeply, but his nervous body did not stretch a little. His cultivation base regressed. Though the fight did not last long, it was likely for Ye Chen to sacrifice his life if he did not act carefully because of his limited cultivation base.

Ye Chen did not stand still but split the wolf\'s skull with his fingers and took out a small stone that shone in bloody light.

With filthy blood dropping right now, the small stone was irregular and bumpy.

It was the demonic core of the fire wolf.

Cherished by demonic beasts as the most valuable part, the demonic core was their essence all over their bodies. Cultivators hunted demonic beasts for their cores mostly. Containing too much essence, the demonic core could boost cultivation.

"I have accomplished the task." Ye Chen wiped the blood stain from the core and put it in his chest. It was unimaginable that he finished the task in such a short time.


Ye Chen frowned and felt his back stabbed coldly and painfully.

He stepped back, with heart sinking.

All though Ye Chen tried his best, it was late for him to avoid the needles. Highly toxic, three needles stuck in his arm at the same time. As the poison spread rapidly, Ye Chen\'s arm turned black very soon.

"Someone dares to ambush me in the Human Core Territory." Coughing up blood, Ye Chen covered his arm, stepped back and gazed at the forest coldly.