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"What? Xu Fu?" Both Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang were astounded when hearing the report from a disciple.

"A quibble arose between Sect Elder Xu Fu and Sect Elder Zhao Zhijing."

Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang flicked a doubtful look at each other.

They never expected their scheme got Xu Fu involved in.

Frowning, they could not figure out why Xu Fu saved an intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage and offended the Regulation Hall. It was easy to see Ye Chen was not that simple as his appearance showed.

"Because of his talent?" Ge Hong whispered.

"It will be harder to kill Ye Chen with Xu Fu\'s protection." Immortal Qingyang looked sulky.

They were clearly aware that if they riled up Xu Fu, he would cut the supply of spirit cores and liquid. How could Ge Hong and Immortal Qingyang live through without those things?

Zhong Laodao was startled when he heard the piece of news.

"Xu Fu saved Ye Chen? What\'s up?"

On a big comfortable bed slept Ye Chen. He rubbed nose and inhaled lungful of thick medicinal aroma.

He opened eyes and saw Xiong\'er\'s chubby face.

"Finally, you wake up." Xiong\'er exhaled with a relief.

"Where am I?" Ye Chen sat up, stroked his eyebrows and looked around in confusion.

"Spirit Core Pavilion." Xiong\'er giggled.

The scenes that he fought on the platform in the morning, and was besieged by the disciples from the two peaks and dragged into the Regulation Hall became more defined. Beyond his expectation, Xu Fu was his savior.

"Sorry, I had to break my promise to save you." Xiong\'er whispered.

Silent, Ye Chen knew what he meant.

The promise was that Xiong\'er kept the secret of Ye Chen\'s true fire.

The fire not only benefited cultivation but also alchemy.

Only one earth fire charged by Xu Fu existed in the Hengyue Sect, helping him to satisfy the need of spirit cores and liquid.

That was the reason that Xu Fu saved Ye Chen.

The true fire outdid the earth fire. Likewise, the cores refined by the true fire was better.

No need to explain the importance of true fire to an alchemist. Xiong\'er turned to Xu Fu for help because of the reason.

It proved that Xiong\'er made a right decision. No matter Xu Fu snatched Ye Chen\'s true fire or not, Ye Chen was alive now.

"How\'s Xu Fu?" Ye Chen turned to Xiong\'er after silence.

"It\'s hard to say." Xiong\'er rubbed ears, "The elder appears to be decency but despicable actually."

"Why you say so?"

"You worry he will take away your true fire!" Xiong\'er knew what Ye Chen was thinking about.

Ye Chen did not deny, but nodded, "He\'s my savior. If he takes away my life now, I have nothing to say."

"Good luck to you!" Xiong\'er shook head, "True fire is vital for an alchemist. Even though he\'s a gentleman, he may snatch your true fire."

"Fatty, you look down upon me." Xu Fu answered in a displeasing voice and pushed the door open.

Xiong\'er coughed and shut up.

Ye Chen jumped off the bed and bowed to Xu Fu with hands folded in the front, "Sect elder, thank you for saving my life."

"Gratitude only? Nothing practical?"

"If sect elder wants my true fire, you can take it away at any time."

"It depends upon whether I can control it or not." Xu Fu laughed and looked at Ye Chen, "Show me your true fire. I haven\'t seen it for many years."

The true fire transformed into a flame dancing in Ye Chen\'s hand, as he summoned his thought, taking a deep breath.