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Besides, Ye Chen declared to revenge upon him. A trouble would be left if Ye Chen was to taken away.

Zhao Zhijing added in a weird tone, "Senior martial brother, the disciple committed the penalty of death. If you take him away, I\'m afraid…"

"Ye Chen used the spell for self-defense." Xiong\'er rushed into the hall from outside.


Xu Fu raised his eyebrows at Xiong\'er.

Gritting teeth, Xiong\'er looked at the disciples from the two peaks, "The assholes took turns to hit Ye Chen on the Wind and Cloud Platform."

Xu Fu glimpsed at the disciples from the two peaks and sneered, "So many beat a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage? Ridiculous!"

The disciples all lowered heads and held their breaths with burning faces.

"Go on." Xu Fu turned to Xiong\'er again.

"Ye Chen was beaten to half death. He could not continue the fight and jumped off the platform. But the bastards forced him to return. Ye Chen refused and they besieged him. Sect elder, their moves cornered Ye Chen to death! He had to apply the spell to protect himself! Please redress the scale!"

Xu Fu stared at Zhao Zhijing and smiled, "Junior martial brother, what\'s the punishment for the disciples wounding others to death without restraints?"


"How about hurting elders?"

Eyes-half-closed, Zhao Zhijing was not silly, aware of Xu Fu\'s intention aiming at Yin Zhiping, but inhaled, "Death."

"Then kill them all! Take the bastards\' lives." Xu Fu\'s answer feared both Yin Zhiping and the disciples from the two peaks and they went down on their knees at once.

"Senior martial brother, do you know killing them means what?" Zhao Zhijing\'s face darkened.

"The justice of our Regulation Hall!" Xu Fu shrugged, "They all commit to death. Why only punish Ye Chen? All of them either live or die."

"You really want to make things worse?"

"Make things worse? Let me come up with a better solution." Xu Fu laughed and pointed at Ye Chen, "I\'ll take him away and punish him myself. Leave Yin Zhiping and other disciples to you."

Zhao Zhijing realized until now that Xu Fu did this to protect Ye Chen.

He deliberated in an instant.

Xu Fu was right. All of the disciples committed to death. He could not kill Ye Chen alone. But if he killed all of them, the two peaks and the disciples\' clans would get even with him.

Apart from that, he did not want to ruin his friendship with Xu Fu.

It was unwise to anger an alchemist. Exchanging one intern disciple for Xu Fu\'s favor benefited him.

After consideration, Zhao Zhijing giggled, "Alright, senior martial brother just takes Ye Chen away."

"Master…" Yin Zhiping was nervous.

"Shut up!" Zhao Zhijing growled at and interrupted him, "Stay in the ice prison from today on."

"Fine. I take him away." Xu Fu glanced at Yin Zhiping, waved his hand with a trace of spiritual light and unlocked Ye Chen.

"Hey, you all right?" Xiong\'er hastened to hold Ye Chen.

"Thanks." Ye Chen whispered on Xiong\'er back without the expectation that Xiong\'er would bring him a strong backup.