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The coming person with a horse whisk in hand horrified everyone in the hall.

"Sect elder Xu Fu."

All greeted the person in a chorus loudly and respectfully.

The person enjoyed a noble identity.

Xu Fu was the chief master of the Spirit Core Pavilion of the Hengyue Sect.

He, the only alchemist within the sect, was also the martial senior brother of the sect lord.

Rare and enjoying a high social status, he charged of the spirit core and liquid supply, and no one dared to rile him up.

"Zhang Fengnian bows… to senior brother Xu." A faint voice broke the silence of the Regulation Hall.

He prostrated on the ground feebly.

"You\'re Zhang Fengnian?" Xu Fu frowned at him and asked in astonishment.

The face of Zhang Fengnian was too aged to be recognized. A useless man could not change his countenance as other cultivators did.

"Yes…" Zhang Fengnain still crept on the ground.

Eyebrow knitting, Xu Fu found Zhang Fengnian beaten hard.

"Who hit you?" Xu Fu waved a hand and infused a trace of spiritual light into Zhang Fengnian.

Yin Zhiping trembled and held his breath in trepidation.

"Who?" Looking around, Xu Fu yelled sharply. His voice rocked the hall, which was enveloped by the tremendous pressure.

"It\'s…me." Yin Zhiping mustered all his courage to move a step forward.

Xu Fu cast a biting look at Yin Zhiping quivering.

"Sect elder, I…I hurt him by mistake. I…"

Xu Fu slapped Yin Zhiping away immediately.

"How dare you are!" Xu Fu answered gruffly, "As the chief disciple of the Regulation Hall, you struck an elder. Chasing death?"

Coughing up blood, Yin Zhiping crawled up with a pallid face, kneeled down, and begged for mercy in a hurry, "Sect elder, I\'m wrong. I\'m wrong…"

"Senior martial brother Xu, why you\'re so angry?" An old man in purple robe walked out. He was Zhao Zhijing, the chief master of the Regulation Hall, in close training.

"Junior martial brother, that\'s the good disciple you\'ve instructed." Xu Fu glimpsed at him.

Zhao Zhijing frowned and looked at Yin Zhiping, "What did you do?"

"I..I…hurt martial uncle Zhang Fengnian by mistake."

"Zhang Fengnian?" Zhao Zhijing flicked a disdainful glimpse at Zhang Fengnian.

"Senior martial brother Xu, Zhang Fengnian has been exiled…Why you…"

"Even so, he\'s a member of the Hengyue Sect." Xu Fu replied in a colder and deep tone. "Instruct your disciple well. The chief disciple of the Regulation Hall dares to offend elders. How should others be obedient?"

Taking a deep breath, Zhao Zhijing squashed his emotion and did not dare to piss off Xu Fu.

Xu Fu turned his look at Ye Chen chained to a bronze pillar.

He looked at Ye Chen up and down with a penetrated look for a while, "I need to take the disciple away."

"Sect elder, but…" The disciples from the two peaks were astounded.

"You object?" Xu Fu squinted at the disciples and they shut up at once.

"Sect elder, he…he applied the Spell of Heaven Thunder within the sect and should be charged of death…death." Yin Zhiping responded with confidence since his master stood next to him.