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Ye Chen was dragged to the Regulation Hall, followed by flocks of onlookers.

He was tied to a bronze pillar upon arrival at the cold hall again.

In contrast with him, the other two lineal disciples disobeying the rule stood in the hall with shackles.

"Ye Chen, do you admit applying the Spell of Heaven Thunder?" Yin Zhiping sneered in front of Ye Chen.

"They wanna kill me. I used the spell to protect myself."

"Kill you? How can you say so?" The disciples from the two peaks explained.

"Ye Chen, you slander! We just competed, not to kill you. "

"Senior Brother Yin, don\'t listen to Ye Chen\'s nonsense. What he says is excuse."

The accomplices from the two peaks began to stir up trouble.

"Ye Chen used spell. He deserves to die."

"Punish him."

"He\'s so cruel at young age. What will he be like in the future?"

Bellows and curses filled the hall. Everybody, furious, distorted truth and charged Ye Chen.

Like a wicked murderer, he endured all the curses.

There were other disciples apart from the lineal ones from the two peaks.

Though they knew what the disciples from the two peaks said was not the truth, none dared to clarify the fact for Ye Chen, afraid of being revenged later. And Ye Chen was a good illustrator.

Yin Zhiping feigned justice and flicked a cold look at Ye Chen, "What do you want to say?"

Ye Chen was silent and had nothing to utter.

He had already expected the consequence since the moment being dragged here. The hall and two peaks colluded. As an intern disciple without any helping hand or backup, his explanation was futile.

He might belittle the tricks of the two peaks, which trapped and cornered him to death.

He still did not regret what he did for Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian.

He realized suddenly that the path of cultivation was not splendid as it seemed to be and was disappointed at its brutality.

Yin Zhiping gave a gruff smile when seeing Ye Chen\'s silence, "Your silent admission?"

"Stop the crap. Come on!" Ye Chen answered in a hoarse voice, and the unprecedented exhaustion blurred his eyes.

"Well. Fine." Yin Zhiping laughed loudly, fished out an ancient volume and opened it as if reading an imperial edict, "According to the ninth clause of the rule of the Hengyue Sect, any disciple applying the Spell of Heaven Thunder within the sect is charged with death."

He closed the volume after his announcement and winked at the disciples standing at his two sides.

But right now, an elder tried his best to squeeze out from the crowd. Zhang Fengnian came.

"Do not kill him. Do not kill him." Zhang Fengnian begged Yin Zhiping, "Please, I plead you. Don\'t kill him, kill me!"

"Sir, don\'t beg them." Ye Chen, whose misty eyes recovered, struggled to say, "I\'m not afraid of death."