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"You don\'t understand? The disciples from the two peaks dare to attack Ye Chen in public, because strong backup supports them. And even sect elder Daojie doesn\'t intervene in. It\'s said that he is not in the sect today."

"Ye Chen destined to die?"


A roar sounded through the entire platform.

In the battle, where the lineal disciples were blasted, the Spell of Heaven Thunder was applied.

It was messy in rolling smoke. Bloody, Ye Chen lurched.

"Come on!" He strode with a handsome but ferocious face.

It was him that used the spell, with four more spells in his hand.

Dying, he could not fend off the attack of so many lineal disciples and was forced to apply the spell and to scare them away even at the cost of going against the rules.

"Ye Chen, you ignore the rule and use the spell." Curses flooded immediately.

"You dare to attack me below the platform. Why can\'t I use the spell? I\'ll die in your company." Insane, Ye Chen laughed gruffly.

"He\'s mad." A few lineal disciples gnashed teeth.

"Yes, I am." He licked the blood at his mouth corner, "Come, if you dare. We go to death together."

"Ye Chen." As a bellow arose, a crowd flocked there with Yin Zhiping, the chief disciple from the Regulation Hall, the leader.

"How dare you are. You apply the Spell of Heaven Thunder in public within the sect." Yin Zhiping\'s growl showed the party he supporting.

"Senior brother Yin, you only see I use the spell. Don\'t you see they besiege me under the platform?" Ye Chen smiled coldly to Yin Zhiping, holding the spells in hand.

"That\'s not the reason for you to apply the spell."

"How funny. Will you remain still if a knife is placed at your neck? I used the spell for self-protection."

"Alright. Let\'s judge that in the Regulation Hall." When Yin Zhiping screamed, a glistening lightening-like rope emerged in his sleeve rapidly as a swimming snake.

Ye Chen was bundled by the rope before figuring out what happened.

He struggled in vain. The rope was far mysterious than he imagined, and it constrained his vital energy and moves.

"Take him away." Yin Zhiping roared.

Disciples from the Regulation Hall rushed out instantly and took Ye Chen away.

Yin Zhiping also asked the disciples from the two peaks to be dragged out from the crowd.

The second leaving the onlookers, Yin Zhiping and the lineal disciples grinned at each other, as if everything schemed earlier.

Xiong\'er captured their petty actions.

Albeit unreliable, he was smart to find that was the collusion between the two peaks and the Regulation Hall. It was hard for Ye Chen to leave alive if taken away by them.

"Xiong\'er, take Hu Wa and Sir Zhang out of the sect." Ye Chen howled hysterically while dragged away.

He realized he had difficulty in leaving from the Regulation Hall alive and did not hope Hu Wa and Zhang Fengnian to be bullied after his death. What he could do was to entrust them to Xiong\'er.

Xiong\'er gnashed his teeth in hatred, and could do nothing because the powerful backup of the two peaks. Even his clan could not save Ye Chen.


It reminded him of something.

"A fight between backups? I\'ll find Ye Chen one and none of you dare to piss off."