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"The challenged should be willing to fight. I can\'t leave now?" Ye Chen replied flatly.

"You maimed our junior martial brothers, wanna leave now?" As a cold laugh arose, a disciple in white approached.

Eyes-half-closed, Ye Chen glanced at the disciple and sensed tremendous energy hidden.

"He\'s Jiang Hao, the top lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak." Xiong\'er reminded Ye Chen in whisper and his dread of the disciple glinted in eyes.

"Ye Chen, you\'re gonna to quit the fight as if nothing had happened?" Another voice sounded and a disciple in purple, Jiang Hao\'s equal, came towards them.

"He\'s Zishan, the top lineal disciple from the Diyang Peak." Xiong\'er murmured to Ye Chen.

"He enters the true Yang stage already." Ye Chen frowned.

He could not defeat the two even if in vitality.

Besides, other lineal disciples from the two peaks were here. How could he beat them alone even though he was supercilious?

Only awakening the demonic energy could oppress them. However, the demonic clan was the feud of the sects. He would be persecuted by the super masters of the Zhengyang Sect if anything relevant with demonic energy revealed.

"Come to the platform. Otherwise, you can\'t leave here today." Jiang Hao jeered.

"Senior brother Jiang, you force me to fight?" Ye Chen flicked a gruff look at Jiang Hao, "Both the challenger and the challenged should be freewill. You neglect the rules?"

"So what?" Zishan satirized, "We\'ll be punished to face the wall and ponder our misdeed."

"Shameless! You guys bully the weak relying on your strong background." Xiong\'er glared at the numerous lineal disciples around, "You take turns to deal with a disciple at the Qi condensation stage. You don\'t deserve to be lineal disciples."

He dragged Ye Chen out.

"Where are you going?" One lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak took action and attacked from behind.

Chill glimmering in eyes, Ye Chen never expected the disciple dared to ambush him in public.

At once, he twisted around and fended off by the Rushing Thunder Palm.


When a thunder sounded, Ye Chen out of state was pushed back by the force and vomited blood.


A lineal disciple from the Diyang Peak charged forward with a killing sword and pointed at Ye Chen\'s spine before he steadied himself.

"Damn it." Xiong\'er growled at the disciple, flung his mace and blocked the sword for Ye Chen.

One more disciple from the Diyang Peak amidst the crowd punched.

Ye Chen was forced to fight and backed, blood spurting out from his mouth.

"Go to death!" One disciple in green from the Renyang Peak behind Ye Chen jabbed his spine suddenly and ripped him to stagger.


Blood sparkled. Ye Chen\'s shoulder was stabbed by a sword, when he just steadied.

"Your life is ours." Yelling, all the lineal disciples from the two peaks surrounded Ye Chen and cornered him to death.

The scene thumped the onlookers\' hearts.

Beyond their expectation, the lineal disciples from the Renyang and Diyang Peaks joined hands only to fight with an intern disciple at the Qi condensation stage.

"They disobey the rule! Not afraid of punishment?"

"Yep! Why sect elder Daojie doesn\'t come to prevent?"