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"Senior Brother Xu, you wanna to have fun with me? Come!" Ye Chen crooked his finger.

"You\'ll die." Xu Hang bellowed, purple flash revolving around his fingers.

He paused while taking one step.

"What…" His palm darkened and the color spread all over his body at a fast rate.


He found himself poisoned.

"An instant before, Ye Chen…" He recalled how he was poisoned.


A mouthful of black blood pumping out confused the onlookers.

"Ye Chen, you dare to poison me." He glared at Ye Chen with blood shot eyes and clenched teeth.

"Poison? What poison?" Ye Chen pretended to be fearful and replied the same words, "Senior Brother Xu, don\'t make irresponsible remarks!"

"Yeah! You framed up Ye Chen up because you\'re afraid to lose!" Xiong\'er shouted.

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er coordinated.

Xiong\'er supported Ye Chen to win the fight.

"I didn\'t see Ye Chen poisoned you. But you make a false charge against him."

Xiong\'er repeated the words of Xu Hang\'s accomplice.

"You slander because you can\'t defeat Ye Chen. How sinister you are."

"You…" Furious, Xu Hang coughed up blood.

"Ye Chen poisoned Xu Hang." The accomplices started to scream.

"Poison is disallowed in the fight on the platform. Ye Chen ignores the rule. Punish him!"

"How malicious Ye Chen is."

"Screw you!" Xiong\'er yelled in a sharp voice after holding back his tongue for one minute.

The vociferousness drowned the curses of everyone and forced the onlookers to cover their ears.

Silence enwrapped the platform.

"Ye Chen used poison. No need to quibble." A disciple in green jumped out.

"Ye Chen\'s so vicious."

"Punish him."

"Screw all of you! Get the hell away!" Xiong\'er roared again, and most had to plug their ears.

"It\'s the voice mystique from Clan Xiong." A lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak squinted.

"That\'s why our voices are drowned in his."

"Xiong\'er is capable of such a mystique." Ye Chen stroked his chin and planned to talk with Xiong\'er someday.


After a short silence, Xiong\'er howled again before the disciples from the two peaks spoke.

He tried his best to help Ye Chen to deal with them.

"Have dinner."



His bizarre loud words sounded one after another and deluged the platform.

"Is he a beast?" One disciple could not endure the loudness any longer, covering his ears and lowering his head.

"You\'re awesome." Ye Chen could not help laughing.

The situation needed both Xiong\'er and his optimism.

"For freedom." Xiong\'er screamed once more.

He fixed his hair and flicked a defiant look at the accomplices as if saying, "If you dare to curse, half of your body will be paralyzed in my roar."

The faces of the accomplices reddened due to anger or short of breath.

"Leave!" Xiong\'er blinked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had bounced off the platform and hoped to leave here as soon as possible.

He wanted to leave, but some would not let him go.

A lineal disciple from the Renyang Peak blocked his way, when he jumped off the platform.

"What? You rush to go?"