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"Poison, what poison?" Xu Hang feigned trepidation and fool, "Ye Chen, don\'t make irresponsible remarks."

"You\'re afraid to lose and frame up Senior Brother Xu!" An onlooker uttered without showing his face.

Someone chimed in with in an instant.

"I didn\'t see Senior Brother Xu poisoned you. You make a false charge against him."

"You slander because you can\'t defeat Senior Brother Xu. How sinister!"

As the ebbs and flows of curses sounded, everyone flamed with indignation called white black.

"You\'ll die this time."

"That\'s the price for pissing off the Renyang and Diyang Peaks."

"Your blood will splash the platform today."

Sneers unfolded on the faces of the lineal disciples from the two peaks.

Ye Chen listened to the curses on the platform silently, his eyes growing colder.

Both the Renyang and Diyang Peaks took painstaking efforts to revenge on him, arranging plenty of lineal disciples to challenge him and onlookers to promote momentum.

He realized how fearful gossip was.

How could he fight against the surging curses alone?

But he would not nurse the grievance himself. Protected by the true fire, he could not be poisoned by the needle, and served Xu Hang with the same sauce.

Ye Chen activated the true fire in his body secretively and burned the toxicities dashing around.

Pretending to be poisoned, he lurched to cheat Xu Hang and prepared for his counterattack.

"Ye Chen." Xiong\'er was to rush to the platform but Ye Chen winked at him.

Xiong\'er knew the meaning of the look and withdrew his steps.

"Alas! What\'s wrong with you Junior Brother Ye? You look so ill!" Xu Hang feigned care when seeing Ye Chen\'s body dark all over.

"Do you need to poison a dying person? Unbelievable. "

"You wrong me."

"No crap, come!" Ye Chen yelled in a sharp voice and flicked a chill look at him.

Jeering, Xu Hang revealed his craftiness, "I\'ll accompany you to play if you have interest."

He stepped forward as quickly as wind and pointed at Ye Chen with one glimmering finger.

Ye Chen remained still.

Others thought he was too poisoned to move. However, he was waiting for a chance because Xu Hang, a cultivator at the eighth level of the true core stage, was not easy to deal with.

"Die!" Xu Hang gave a hideous smile now.

Ye Chen sneered when Xu Hang\'s finger nearly touched him.

A sense of foreboding occurred to Xu Hang.

To his surprise, Ye Chen dodged his finger, grasped his arm and flung him away.


He hit on the platform hard.

Unbelievable, he stared at Ye Chen,"Impossible, you…"

"I…What?" Ye Chen showed a gruff smile, as his inky skin returned to normal.

"He\'s not poisoned?"

"I saw the poisonous needle shot into Ye Chen."

Not only were the disciples from the Diyang Peak, but also those from the Renyang Peak puzzled.

Xu Hang looked ferocious.

Fooled by Ye Chen, he could not say anything. If he said that the needle pierced into Ye Chen\'s body, he confessed without being pressed.